I believe myself and my best friends and you!
so...i came from Yekaterinburg.
so tired. my legs feel pain after car.

but in saturday i will go in Yekaterinburg. aw

this weekend wass amazing and a bit sad!
i stayed at di Seta's home during 4 night.
we watched some films ("Red dragon', "Hanibal", "Unbroken", "1408"). and all films was so interesting!

in friday we walked with Kazuyoshi-san! (he came working in university from Japan!)
we listening to music in park! (there was festival of orchesta)
amazing show! because musicants played on instruments and danced or ran! I guess, it's so difficult!

next day.
i met Masha...and made a new piercing lol
i made it by chance lol

and after i came to di Seta...and we celebrated her birthday before she go in Moscow!
so funniest game, tasty food, interesting film - it's a discriptions of this night!

sunday...we went in J-rock club! and di Seta discovered Miyavi XD
now she like some his songs!!!!

I discovered some new songs too!!

and now i staying at my home. a bit sad, because di Seta go away :c
Good luck, di Seta!

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