I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i hadn't power every day...
but now i will writing all (i try to do it)

in wednesday i was allive lol after all lesson ahahahah
my traditional phrase lol

then i came on dance..
and in night i went to Eldar's home.
we watched Supernatural again ^_^

in thursday
was so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weather, what happened with you?
but it was pleasure forr me ^_^
and... again went to Eldar ahahaha
again watched Supernatural.
i think, that i may watch all series XD

in friday...i started to write course work!!!!!!!!!! YAY! GOOD JOB!!!!!
but before we with Ksyusha cleaned all our room lol

and in evening i came to Katya!!!! we didn't see to each other so long time!!!! i miss about her!
later Lisa joined to us XD
and we had so much fun whn Liza played on the piano!!!
just we danced XD

soon in morning i came on K-STAR Festival.
su much korean music.
ALTHOUGH i saw many good cover dance band! and listened some good songs!
but when we with Lena did a hairstyle to Eldar...we was ready to kill him! >.<

and in night we went to the club on after party.
aaaaah...i had a strange wish :D
and i danced so much...with korean music ahahah
all night

in morning i came to my home in Kamensk...
went to grandma and grandpa...
and in home i went sleep....MY LOVELY BED IN HOME *_*

then i went for a walk with my frieds! so amazing! and so much fun!

but in monday i backed to the Yekaterinburg...because treening T_T

in tuesday i was on concert. we danced again XD
so many mistakes again ahahahah

and today was 5 lesson....but i didn't feel myself tired o_O
strange or not?

p.s.i watched next Tame taabi....oh my Junno *_* again so amazing....and operator knew good foreshortening ^_^
Junno's legs *_*
wet Junno *_*
Kawaii Junno *_*
and Nakamaru's sream aahhahaha

p.p.s i talked with amazing boy ^_^

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