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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
hey diary.
lazy Tasha here.
i'm confused after message about my mistakes in posts. yeah
that's stupid.
but i can't do something with this...

i wanna write without mistakes...but i do nothing lol
i guess, problems in my head lol


today i saw a concetr KAT-TUN "Come here" in Tokyo ^_^
it made so happy *_*
amazing Junno *_* he danced so cool. i wanna watching his dance all time *_* Junno *_*
why you so handsome? T_T
why you don't staying near me? T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aw diary.....20 without posts in you.... I'm so lazy..didn't write.
Although...i have so much news.
I try write some of them...
Let's start.

I came on festival of japanese cinema. All three days. And all days with other pair lol
In first - Inna
In second - Maka
In third - Dima....
And with Dima we came for a walk...and have so much fun. I called him "a child". And he thied to kill me lol
But he is so child ahahahaha

I celebrated Maka's birthday in half of June (sorry, i don't remember a date)
We came into bar Killfish... Oh, theirvplaylist was wonderful *-* nirvana, rhcp, slipknot etc...
We drink alcohol a bit...and came on ours homes.
I met new people - Polina! So pretty girl!

Oh....i finished the second course...but with one bad mark (3).. I must try to studing better. Because i know, i can do it.

I almost didn't watch something with KAT-TUN.....because i hdn't time. But i watched Tame Tabi...aaaw..sleppy Junno was so pretty and nice. i hadn't good word for my emotion ahaha stil wanna to hug him so much. My Junno, please, hug me T-T

and now i'm in Moscow. I try to passing on grant. And again fool. Maybe, i will a looser all time? It makes me so sad. But i musn't show it. Because i Moscow i saw so much interesting place, building, people, museum..and just...i stayed in Moscow 3 days.....and emotion was so much...and it's good emotions!
I met a new friend - Shusa! She is really interesting people! And she is a pretty girl!

P.s. aw, forgot to say. 20.06 i came on the concert of japanese post-punk group December. We talked with them, gave them a present and took a photo! Oh, thei music in real was so unreal! Guys gave to us a big drive! It was really cool!

And on next day was night of j-rock. We wached much concert and danced on that. I jumped more all on that...and on next day i felt so much pain on m body lol
But i listened great music all night! It was great! I want to return it!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i'm so lazy....
i don't wanna write here
although i must!

in this days some happened...
i come to Anya's birthday party! we have a lot of fun!
and they say that i'm nice...and cutie
it confused me
because i don't think so...

and we make so photo...some fun, cute and erotic photo lol

in friday my parents come to Yekaterinburd and we go to the shop....buy many clothes...great...
a have a new sleep wear and underwear ^_^
*maybe once Junnosuke will see it lol*

and i don't wanna write more
that's all lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

i write new posts later...

at the moment i'm not in hostel c:

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lazy Tasha ^_~

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I forget to write....
because i'm lazy lol

today i go to the shop...big shop...VERY BIG SHOP!!!!
i buy some presents for parents and friends on New Year)

and...i take a good mark on exams))) in institute)
and now i sitting in internet...

yesterday and today in morning i watch KAT-TUN CARTOON...
so much funny moments with Kamenashi....and parody on his XD

and rap from Junno...i cry....BECAUSE I CAN'T LAUGH MORE!!!!
but i want see it in real XD
maybe sometimes it happened :D

and i still want Junno XD
i think...more of my posts about it...
just i only studing japanese^_^

now i go wash my face from make up and watch something with Junno^___^

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