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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
since 10 january i came in Yekaterinburg. On sessoin. It's so scared me T_T

but firstly i meet Lena and we have some fun! we drank a vine in her flat, talked about johnys and about our lifes. it was interesting because she is new people for me.
afer this we came in night rock club. but music was awful! i had a headache! although... some people introduced with us... and one of them was cosplayer LOL
ahgain in night club i found people, who have attitude to Japan LOL

but soon we with Lena back in her flat...watch a lot of video with Kanjani8 and NEWS. She had so much fancam from NEWSs concert O_O
i was in shock! and she's lucky in this XD

in next day i come in student's hostel...and do nothing :D (write a part of ticket for exam lol - it isn't good work)

and in monday i went on consultation on first exam - English. BUT OUR THEACHER DID'N CAME!!!!!! how it possible o_O
but in evening i came on my first lesson on dance (firstly in 5,5 years)
it was amazing! a lot of jumps and bracing! it's helpful for my body! because all day i sit when i stading.
Now I'm cool :DDD because i do what i like ^_^

and today i finished my first exam in this year!
Mark - five!
Great start!!!

P.S. but some bad was too. i can't sleep. i don't know why.
really. maaybe i sleep in night about 1,5 - 2 hours....awful >.<

but i watch new dorama "Runaway: Aisuru kimi no tame ni".
Uepi can't play >.< really look like gay >.<

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yeah, i really forget about my diary.
But my holliday was...good^_^

Some days ago i came in the cinema. Film called "John Wick". So interesting film for this genre. I'm advising to watch that film to all.

(and Keanu Reeves is handsome *-*)

Yet...i watched new dorama for me. "Anego"... About oldest woman and young man:3 they love to each other... But oldest woman, Anego, have some trouble in her life...

I was so nervous as long as i watched this.
Jin was so cute *-*

And i watched some programs with Junno XD i must write about him^^
He was so funny and cute *-*
And...he again suffered :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Sometimes i feel strange feeling.
Before New Year was coming, someone sayed to me: i love you.
But i didn't fall in love in him.

Although i wanna somebody for this lol


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
We celebrate bonenkai today:3 with guests from Japan. They are so cutie!!!
We eat real soba! It's so tasty!!!! Have a lot of fun
And New Year with philosophers....
So crazy...
Our action was good only from Liza. Really.
I forgot all time my words.

But today i received some presents... It's so nice!!

And....finally...i cut my hair! Amazing feeling!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I haven't power for writing
But i promised. Ok
Let's start.

Some days ago i watched new DVD of Alice Nine. And how do you think?
I was so happy! I had so much crazy emotions:
I wanted scream a lot,
I wanted hug all members from group
I wanted tell about this all people, wich i met in that night.

And about Tora. How long time i didn't see my Tiger. I ubderstood. I missed about him!
So far he is my favourite guitarist....and i love him! Really. His smile make make me happy....and after i feel tears. But it's good tears!
Tora...still i love you*-*

But before this i watched some show with Junnosuke:3 *i can't forget about him, right?*
He isn't change. Still he like a child. And this is adorable!
When he weared hat he look 18 years old. Although he is 29!!!
Look so young!!!
It's great!

I write some exams.
Great! Now i feel a bit free before New Year come c:

@настроение: high, but a bit sleepy

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Test on japanese is over! I make it!
Kadoi-sensei was so pretty, when she asks me^_^

But i feel a headache...why all aren't so perfect? Some will wrong...

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Amazing morning....i woke up, when i want....sitting on half of lesson...and met my parents!
And all was so geeat, but...
My health loose me -.-

My parents stayed with me - that's amazing!

It was firstly, when i feel this pain so much...

Damn feeling

But in night...i saw a show with Junno! My mimimimetr was broke xD
So pretty action was here...and...
I gonna say all time a lot of compliments!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i came on Bonenkai (Japanese New Year)
We listened japanese jazz, played in the some games, talked with Kadoi-sensei.
And danced

So funny!
Now i know amazing place - bar EverJazz....
Every day they have a action~~~

Mabe once i come again

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I start live with Lisa and Katya. It's so fun and adorable!!!!

So tasty food by Lisa... I gonna eat it all time lol

And we watch so interesting film "Dogma"!!!
So wonderfull!!!!! *-*
And cast...cool!!! So famous actors! :3

Now i'm sitting in institute...
This week will so hard, but i try to make better!


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@настроение: great

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Night....was so strange.
I saw some photo with stupid people.

I debated with one girl lol but some i feel some sorry in comments o.o

And i watch three show with Junno. He so adorable, amazing, handsome, funny, sexy....

*my dictionary lol*

@настроение: sleepy

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I think that i didn't write about mothn here *laugh*

But i have a lot of happening for writing...
Lazy - it's awful -.-

Right now i'm sitting in university, although lesson isn't starting. -.-
Post don't work.... Damn
I guess, tomorrow i skip one lesson.
Bad Tasha lol

So...i can write a bit what happened with me c:
Still i'm studing in university, not bad and not so good. It's normal.
In hostel...i have some familiar people...not from my group. Great.
We are playing in the carts :D

I come in Pervoural'sk... In night. Company was scaring, but i still write here - i'm alive :D so much drunk old *for me* people. How it possible? O.o

And....AND...... i have an aswer from two person :0
It's so importaint answer for me from two...

Yet i wanna more....

And some words about my Junno *i must do it lol*
Now he playing in new dorama "Kyo wa kaisha oyasumimasu". But it's making right now...and i saw only 11 minutes from 1 episode. JUNNO SO AMAZING! Simple and smiling guy! And he looks like so sexy! In oficial clothings*-*

I watch TameTabi with KAT-TUN.
Jun....my lovely Jun....was naked lol
He shows his....eee....you understand, what he shows xD on all country! O.O
but it was so funny...
And in Shounen Club.... He was so pretty homely (?)
With bare feet... It's my weakness *-* and i'm again fall in love :D

@музыка: B'z - zero

@настроение: high mood...i guess

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
big liar was come back lol

maybe now i write a little bit :D

let's go

i didn't remember what i write. it means that i can rewrite some again.
it's not so scared

on some day i meet Ryu! we have some fun, but the weather was so awful! rain with snow...IN 17 SEPTEMBER!
Ural? what happened?
i wanna good weather...sunny, heat...


i was start to studing...
now i'm going so sleepy and hangry lol
but i try to work on lesson!
i wanna more authomath in session!

i'm again going on the guitar :D
but i haven't some times for practice....it's pointless


In december i will write an exam on Japanese language! now i gonna learn more rules and words for this (and kanzi's)
and....i'm admin in public page on Taguchi Junnosuke!
i write some posts every day...and i really like it lol

some can see my lovely Junno c:

in tuesday i come on the cinema...so strange and boring film....although a bt scared. because it had some sharp moment and loud sounds...that's all.
i guess, that this film you may watch once.

We with Ksyushha talk to each other every day...so fun! and now she listening a bit my music lol
it's a good and bad :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Once i don't be a big liar.

Now i sitting on history. So boring lesson. You can see that. Just teacher talk lection for himself...and so quickly.

On last days...

I live in hostel and studing on second course in university. Good job! Read some text of philosophy. Again so hard.

Yet i come on the playing on the guitar!!!! And i wanna come on the vocal.

On last week... I went to some work... In fact, almost i was getting my money strange company. But i understood it.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
some days ago my friend come from Kaliningrad.
How i miss about her.
Amazing girl! So brave :D
sometimes she's so crazy, but i like t.
we studing together in school :D
now we remembered some moments from school...

and again we started to watch some anime.
we finished "Kamisama hajimemashita".
so simple, high, cute anime! love story!!
after this you wanna some action like in fairytale ^____^
i wanna it all time XD
and....in this so strange OST :D you sing this all time lol before you forget it :D

now we watch "Ao no Exorsist".
it's so interesting too, but more hard like "Kamisama hajimemashita".

we meet to each other every day! so funny :D

yesterday we meet Maka...and have some trouble all day lol
some moments was AWFUL (but it's a few)

in internet i talk with Bla, Jokie and Maryo-chan :D
they so pretty girl :D
with everybody i have a lot of theme for talking :D

sometimes i like a doctor :D help with soething...
it's hard T_T

and two days ago i saw a dream with Junno*_* I hug him when i sitting on him! we were fell in love to each other.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonderful!
i wanna this in real LOL

@музыка: Junno: "Can you speak English"

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
forget about this diary! now it's normal lol
if you have a lot of motion in life you can write about it here
but...i don't wanna make it
why? i don't know.
although...i MUST practice my English a few here.
i make a phrase...i building my thoughts in speach.
it's better for me.
i wanna write exams in English for define my knowledge of language.
i think that i have some good it.
While i must make better this!

some days ago i come in festival of japanese culture! i was in cosplay on Edvard Elric (Fukkmetal alchimist - anime).
it's great experience for me! now i wanna make cosplay better and better!
a few people scared me lol they wanna take a photo with me lol
it's new feeling for me!

and...i saw amazing Shizuo-tyan *_______________* *fall in love*

still in internet i find a new friends! i spend my time amazing with them!
i don't wanna loose you. hope, you understand and agree with me.

also i all time dreaming about Junno :D
and this is noormal for me too lol
i saw so often dreams with him, write fanfiction (athough i didn't do it about two years), i make a fanvideo...
i hope than once we meet to each other ^_~

sometimes i feel so sad, but nobody must see it! because all must know only smiling Agami ^_________^
i give a lot of fun for all, who talk with me ^____^

and i watch some films and dorama :D

i watched "Code blue 2". that's more better like first season. but Aizawa-sensei change himself. he was more emotions. that isn't cool! it change all story. but some heroes change in better side! it makes me happy! on some moment i cry! thats good. it means that actors play their role amazing for me!

i come in the cinema on "Guardians of the galaxy"! so funny and adorable film! most importaint person: RACCOON! so pretty and dangerous :D
and grreat role of Win Diesel - Groot :D (it's a tree)

i watch japanese film "Rurounin kenshin" with Satou Takeru! Amazing effects, great playing, high decorations! before this movie i don't know this story. and this for me so wonderful!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i feel some sad... Now i know the reason...but
So awful feeling T.T

Although..now i'm fine
And finished ti watch Ruronin Kenshin. So interesting movie

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I come from my village.
My mom woke me up so early T.T i was look like zombie
We take berries

Soon we come home...and i was un the shower....after...SO AMAZING FEELING!!!

And i take my leense from post :3 now i look like devil in this lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
And today i'm meet Miko-tyan and her boyfriend. We were walking. I feel so fun and confuse....because they was a pair and i.... With my invasible Jun lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

i don't write

it's awful

but in july so much happened...
i must write

nobody read it.... (that's good)
nobody wait me here

i do it only for myself :D

today i fight my lazy and play on the guitar!
wonderful! (but now i feel pain in my fingers lol)

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i'm liar!

because i didn't write
although i promised it :D

today i saw a strange dream...
ufo attacked us...and i'm afraid about my little sister, Junno and Maru
and i kissed Maru nbecause he was the first who come in strange place.

it's so strange for me...seriously

and still i can't find a job...
awful T_T

but my mom realise me in night club :D

and i make a new hairstyle to my mom lol

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