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will be all right

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
now i finished watch concert "break the records" by KAT-TUN.
But at that moment i must read Dhammappada...i'm stupid XD

what i will doing tomorrow on pair???
Loh - it's my desteny)))

But i saw handsome Taguchi Junnosuke...why he so...so...SO SEXY FOR ME?

it's a short story about my evening XD

all day was boring! nobody good happened...
aaa...no...i met Kristina! now she cut her hair. so cute!!!!
that's all lol

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again lazy Tasha

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i don't write here 4 days!
that's awful!!!

but i have a lot of things and a little time for this

Some happened with me...so much emotions...

now i'm real a student of philosofy))

I was drunk...tha't faun, but...not good...my head was ill/ but on next morning i feel myself very good...
it was be strange lol

one person...are doing a strange proceedings.
but i can't say what is the proceedings...

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stupid Tasha!!!

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I forget to write again!!!
So lazy and stupid Tasha...

Today i check a tests on the Englissh lesson...and again i see one second name...I HATE THAT PERSON!!!! because he ignored me in all his account in Internet!!! I worry about him!!! I think, he forget me forever T.T It makes me very very sad...

But yesterday i was eating a lot of rolls and sushi free) it was be tasty:333

And today on pair on i.t i sleeped xD teacher saw me...but he didn't say to me something lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i forgot to write a post. Again T.T
I'm stupid! What is happened with me?! I want know english very well but...

But today i meet Nastya. I love her:3 and...she was be with her grandmother... Her grandma buy to me a lot of candys...That is cool. But i am embrassed!!

With Lena (and yesterday) we watch advantures Fujigaya Taisuke in Russia!! That is fun!!! A lot of fun!!

And i find much photos with Junnosuke Taguchi...so great, amazing, awesome, sexy!!!
I have a lot of fap lol

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oh god....

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
A long time i can't go on this diary....WHAT HAPPENED WITH MY PHONE?! IT MAKES ME CRY T.T
But now all is good.

Today i give a birthday present for Lisa...but her birthday will be tomorrow lol
She was be so happy, because my present is a notebook with Undertaker (from anime "Black Butler") and neckornament (from anime "Rosario Vampire"). I think, that is great present because i want it all too lol

Yet our teacher on math say to us our results for the test...I AM SO STUPID, BECAUSE A HAVE A WHROST POINT ON THIS!!!! T.T IT MAKES ME CRY TOO.
i don't know what i will doing...but i want a good marks on math.

Some in my studing not good...but i trying...


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Good evening for me *laugh*

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i hear a story from Anya and Katya, how they went to birthday party!
That's sound great, but they feel so awful to each other! They drink a lot of alchogol!!!
I'm in shock! Because i don't drink it!

I'm sitting on two pairs...so long and so boring...but on the first pair our teacher have a joke for us!!!
But half of his subjeckt i don't understad still!!!

And my mother saw my new hairstyle with blue color... I must change it :D
now i'm again with chocolate color of hair.

No trash :DD

I was so laaaazy!!! I don't want watch Alice Nine Channel on NicoNico because i'm lazy lol
what the stupid logic!
i don't understand myself!!!

Yesterday and today i have a dream with Koki Tanaka... that's so strange!!! SO SO! I don't know with what it connect!
In today's dream with Koki was Hiro Mizushiha. He had a very sexual body!!! I see it! :D so funny... and Koki know, that i was be with Hiro! :D
amazing dream i have :D

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without title

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I forget to write something in this diary yesterday!! I'm an idiot. This is for me...and i forget...so stupid X.X

Today at this moment the day is boring.
But i see Kristina and we talking about our studing in university. We have some fun because we are lazy student but we want a high point:3

After three days Lisa havea birthday. And Ann guve a half of prezent for her. It is a red scarf. Lisa is very happy *lol, this phrasevis awful and simple, but it is a real her emotion*

I think that in evening i write something more!!!

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boring lesson

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i sitting on lesdon in university. So boribg because i don't know this teacher. He is not beauty and interesting T.T
But i must listening him! I want studing well and don't pay money for that.

And i feel pain in my big finger on right hand still. That's awful! But at this moment i'm funny!

And my fingers on hands is blue now *laught* after my blue hair!!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I hope that i don't forget about this diary! It help me with my English!

I think that i will good blogger! It's a joke :3

Today i have a trouble. My finger is sprain! I feel a strong pain! T_T
And still i walk in my new yelow boots...but now i feel pain in my legs *lol*

I'm walking trouble! :D

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