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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Oh yeah! I don't know what happened with my diary-app. >_<
So nervous

Okay...i start to writing

8 may
I hate that my plan is break >_<
But all day i broke all my plan. Damn. But we with Lena met to each other... And it made my feeling better.
In evening again repetition before concert.

9 may.
Celebrate. Rainy.
And we we with Lena came to UrFU in 12:00. Although concert was 19:00!!!!! We really went crazy :(
But in "Vilka-Lojka" was so much fun. Now Maksim stayed at our group!!!! With young^_^
On concert was our debut with new dance^_^ we did all syncronize c: good job.
And in night i came...to Eldar lol
It looks like a normal ahahah
We watched Supernatural and drank vine^_^

10 may
Morning was so lazy in pleasure bed (it's right? Construction)
Then i came to j-rock club. We listening B'z and Kiyoshiro Iwamano! Oooh, B'z is amazing!!! Their music like my old music wich i listened so long time ago. Nostalgy... I feel better^_^

11 may
On p.a. we ran. 400 m. I ran on 1.25. So early! O.o for me lol
In evening was dance. I couldn't do motion in rock-n-roll style... Only like our dance "apple" :D

12 may
I didn't remember some interesting. Sorry

13 may.
So much lesson....but i didn't tired o.o againg? How i did that???
But on dance....SO HARD TREENING!!!! but it was great!
Although before dance...Anya touched my a...(i hope that you understand). I was in big shock!!!! :000

14 may.
I'm a criminal ahaha
I didn't go to p.a.
I went to had a good time. And i had this^_^
Soon on japanese wasn't hard. But i made mistakes again! Why, Tasha? What happened with you? Because now you aren't you>_<

Then in evening we with Lena....didn't go on dance lol.
We set in my hostel and talked with spanish guy. He was so strange and fun xD
He want to walk with us ahaha

P.s. I saw many photos with a half-naked Junno*-* nosebleed*-* Junno makes me crazy! Why you so handsome? :0
So beauty! And pretty smile on his face!

P.p.s i writing a course work^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday was on lesson so hard...just i wanna sleep.
But last lesso was about hour....AND WE WENT AWAY EARLY YAY.
Before i backed in students hostel (i wad near)... Rain was going. Aaaa....shit happened lol

Then i came on dance (it was sunny >_<)
We learned new motion. It was funny!

Soon i came in hostel...and we with Nastya went for a walk. She was so pretty*-*

And today i saw a strange dream with so much death o.o
It scared a bit.
When i woke up....i did myself better (did a make-up, beauty nail etc.)
And watched KAT-TUN Sekaiichi tame ni naru tabi.
Kame in costume.....SO FUNNY!!!!!!
And Junno, who screamed so loud and so much, when he met snake XD
But it was so cutie. I just wanna hug him in that moment^_^

Then i came in our j-rock club. We talked about hide. How i like his music*-* he was amazing and bright man*-*

But later Eldat want to met me.
Okay, i agreed to meet him.
And he was in shock, when he looked my boots lol

On dance was good. Good treening^_^

Now i went to sleep. I wanna read Lizas work....but i haven't power on this nowe

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Didn't write abou 2 days. Fufufu

In wednesday i tried to alive. And i do it better lol.
All 5 lesson...

Then was dance.
And in night i did a lot homework...so much@-@

But in one moment i had a break...and watched "Monitoring" with KAT-TUN. So severe programm. Poor Nakamaru. He was so scared! He belivied in ghosts! He did so strange things... XD
But guys was great! They did amazing scene with this! Sometimes you may belivied them! But once Junno did strange motion... It wasn't scare....only funny XD

Yesterday i went on 3 lesson. On japanese was so interesting...maybe just i understood better? :3
After i did a part on control work...and went on dance. We had a lesdon only 1 hour! A few...

And in night i went to Eldar. We watched supernatural!!!! How i missed about this. Sam, Dean *-* Kevin*-* Crowely*-*
Handsome man.

And...i wasn't sleep again.
Now i'm on lesson....and wanna sleep

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I promised.

Yesterday i made a stupid mistakes on japanese again. Argh....what i was doing? .-.

After was 3 lesson...boring.
When i came in students hostel i went sleep.
But rain woke up so early.

On dance was funny... Did all better.

When i backed...i watched Shounen Club premium. Oh my Junno. He was so amazing and pretty. I wanna kissing him all time T.T
They did so strange motion...but so fun XD
Junno talked his jagingu*-*
I missed about it.

Although i saw hey!say!jump.
So sweety boys. Fuu >_<
I didn't like this.
And their costumes wad pink! PINK!!!!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Happy....i can go here c:

Yesterday i hadn't power for writing. Write now

I woke up so early. Awful...but i wrote a text for HoRP.
And talked with Eldar in skype....after i watched Eldar's favourite porno lol
And all day we talked anout erotic.... What i was doing? Ahahahah

In break time... I huged Nastya...we sitted together (Nastya, me, Liza) and waited for teacher for Nastya. She had a trouble with exam.

Okay.. When i came in students hostel i had bad mood.
But my mood was better when i met Lena!
We came for dancing in Grinvich.

Aaaw....severe place...
But we did it so cool!!!
We was amazing ahahahahah

In night Eldar spoiled my mood. >_>

In morning he did it again.

Lessin was so boring :c
Although...after i met Nastya:3
And now i'm waiting for bus lol i come in Kamensk!

@музыка: Plastic Tree - fukurou

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i think that i will write a new posts once in week lol
because every day...it's impossible LOL

that's likeresults my motions XD

in last sunday...i and Polina, Ira, Lyonya, Nikita was putting out fire in the forest....SO HARD BUT WE DO IT!!!!!
we was so tired!!!
aaa and before this i watched horror film with Narimiya Hiroki....and his hero in the end was burned!!!!!! T_T

after in monday i come in Yaketerinburg...
it was so hot! i'm about weather....seriuosly!
after my lesson i come with Maka in the shop for keds!

when we coming....we was die! lol
but we walking great!!!!

in evening i read on interwiev with Kame....
so clever boy LOOOOOL

and i watch a show with my Junno *____*
he was on ths so rarely...bt i watch it all...and a half i understand! although it wast without subs!!!

in tuesday morning was so nervous....but now all are ok!

lesson was so shot! great!!
and in evenig i didn't wanna read so much text...and i was go for a walk with Ryu!!!!
great weather! amazing fontains with music!
and i came in my hostel in 0:21~~~

waking Tasha LOL

and in wednesday i must live! 5 lesson, competitions, guitar!
all my day was so closed.

but one lesson was off..and i managed do all!
well done!!

i watch making of Going by KAT-TUN...and now i sing all time tgis song! lol

everybody going for dream...


in rhursday i wanna donated my blood....BUT I DIDN'T SUITABLE O.O
i'm in shock lol and in evening i watch DVD KAT-TUN...

OH MY JUNNO *_____________________*

i have a lot of emotion on this!!!!!!!!
i wanna him!!!! LOL

JUNNO, YOU AE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Friday....
my Junno in JE is 15 years!
so much @_@
but it makes me happy!

so laziness day...
and in evening i walked with Maka...
uprt! LOOOL

AND in saturday i come in Kamensk-Ural'skiy.
yet i read a lot of fanfictions on JunDa *___*

only in evening i go for a walk and eat much rolls XD

meet Miko-tyan and her boyfriend :3

and a hour play on thhe guitar...
i still feel pain in my fingers ahahha

today i will coming in Yekaterinburg...i must do a report! T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

time goes so quickly...and i all time forget to write here haha

on last friday i was in home half of day and soon i come to the hostel in Yekaterinburg.
because i must write control work on the Logic!

i come in vain....awful!!!
still i come to home.

and i come with Miko-tyan and her boyfriend to him....we drank beer, eat rolls and watched film XD
so funny film!!!!!
and i saw two asians boys....one of him was in BYAKKOTAI!!!!

and in sunday i did nothing!
i was rest! lol

in monday i come in Yekaterinburg on the lesson!
but after this i meet Lyoka-tyan
and we sitting in cafe!

she was so pretty....i hope that she will happy in future!!!
she's so good, but so sad...

in tuesday i come on the pair...and almost did nothing again lol
on phisycal activity i ran 500m on the time....so hard T_T
i hope i have some point on this...

D'ESPAIRS RAY AGAIN TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT WAS SO GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and in this day in my dream i saw Arisa ♥ we live together....and she give to me black lenses...

in wednesday...

and it makes all my day *_*

i was sitting on all leson...5 lesson...only philosophy...and after this i meet Lena and we come buy ticket on the bus

and in hostel i watch Nico Nico with Alice Nine!
so funy show!
they was drunk!!!!!
and play in some game!!!! in the first Tora was win! *_* my great boy *___*
and in billiard Shou was win! He look like so handsome....i wanna say...
that all members was handsome!
all time it will one of my favourite group!

in thursday i slept...but after ran on japanese LOL
last lesson with Aoki-sensei T_T

she says that she came to Japan...and didn't teach our Japanese in next course T______T
soon on japanese we watched on japanese anime "Hotaru no haka" by Hayao Miyazaki.
so sadness...
i cried!

and in evening i come to my home..

yesterday...i walk onrally for meet our Class teacher ( we went with Lena)
and we didn't meeting her T_T

although before i come to the hostel i eat kebabs! so tasty!

and i come to the hostel for control work on logic...




now i'm in home....and i watched film "Kyou Koi wa hajimemasu"~

so romantic story! i like it! i wanna be like Tsubame-chan!
but it's only my dream...

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
so rare writers...
because someone so lazy for this!

athough it's great practice for me...
one possible chance for me...

i wanna watch some serieses on English, but i haven't much time for this!
it makes me sad T_T

okay, let's tell some good :D

in thursday i cooked Onigiri on japanese with Aoki-sensei *_*
it's great experience for me...
now i know how we can cook it right!
and Aoki-sensei have a nicely hairstyle....like Akanishi lol
i hope, she never know about it from me LOL
it confused me :D

and all that day was so short! SO SHORT! WHY? XD
but we walked with Maka...and sing some songs LOL

i glad that we start meet more often! it makes me fun!

and....in evening i ready for test on phisycal activity...and i'm ready only moral LOL

text on this i read on the next day on Logic lol

how i say...on friday i have a Logic...so boring...because i read about circulatory system...
but after this was lesson on Culture....so interesting about knighthood...
i want to live in this period!!!
after all lesson i come in my hostel....AND DO NOTHING LOL
and watch KAT-TUN Cartoon...with my cutie Junno xD

in Saturday was 2 lesson....
and i haven't money for bus lol
Nastya saved me...and give me some lol

i come to my city early....my mom meet me and we come on post office...

after we come into grandma and grandpa house...
so much....
that's grandma....LOL

and in this evening i watch show with KAT-TUN!
That's called "KAT-TUN no Sekaiichii Tame ni Naru Tabe"...
it was the second part...

now i know that he afraind snake lol

in this moment i wat to hug him!!! and regret him!


on this show was so much funny moment...
when Kame sing with drunk man...or Junno eat some, that he didn't eat...
or Ueppi beat Junno or Maru lol

so funny!!!!

and in Sunday....papa scream at me! he was so evil....and he want to reax on someone >.<
and only i was at this moment with him!
i almost cry...=.=
then i came to the walk...and that's all XD

i meet Polina and Lyonya...and show to him my concert...
just i singing and dancing....not so good...but so funny LOL

aaa....and i change my color of hair....
now i'm red LOL
like a fire LOL

and in Monday i come to Yekaterinburg
and come to the lesson...so strange teacher on culture o_O
but he mark me XD
it gives to me some point!


More...Lisa was so funny today LOL
we again have a lot of fun! on break

after studing i come to hostel...and sleep
aaaaaw i feel myself great!!!

after i wake up....i watch a show with Junno...so unusual and funny!
Junno and one an collected one gold things....before camera watch them!!!
some difficult obstacles....and....i want to participate on this show with Junno too *___*
i wanna hug with him...like this man LOL

and now i write a little bit course work again...
welldone...but i can't more *laugh*

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