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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Oh yeah! I don't know what happened with my diary-app. >_<
So nervous

Okay...i start to writing

8 may
I hate that my plan is break >_<
But all day i broke all my plan. Damn. But we with Lena met to each other... And it made my feeling better.
In evening again repetition before concert.

9 may.
Celebrate. Rainy.
And we we with Lena came to UrFU in 12:00. Although concert was 19:00!!!!! We really went crazy :(
But in "Vilka-Lojka" was so much fun. Now Maksim stayed at our group!!!! With young^_^
On concert was our debut with new dance^_^ we did all syncronize c: good job.
And in night i came...to Eldar lol
It looks like a normal ahahah
We watched Supernatural and drank vine^_^

10 may
Morning was so lazy in pleasure bed (it's right? Construction)
Then i came to j-rock club. We listening B'z and Kiyoshiro Iwamano! Oooh, B'z is amazing!!! Their music like my old music wich i listened so long time ago. Nostalgy... I feel better^_^

11 may
On p.a. we ran. 400 m. I ran on 1.25. So early! O.o for me lol
In evening was dance. I couldn't do motion in rock-n-roll style... Only like our dance "apple" :D

12 may
I didn't remember some interesting. Sorry

13 may.
So much lesson....but i didn't tired o.o againg? How i did that???
But on dance....SO HARD TREENING!!!! but it was great!
Although before dance...Anya touched my a...(i hope that you understand). I was in big shock!!!! :000

14 may.
I'm a criminal ahaha
I didn't go to p.a.
I went to had a good time. And i had this^_^
Soon on japanese wasn't hard. But i made mistakes again! Why, Tasha? What happened with you? Because now you aren't you>_<

Then in evening we with Lena....didn't go on dance lol.
We set in my hostel and talked with spanish guy. He was so strange and fun xD
He want to walk with us ahaha

P.s. I saw many photos with a half-naked Junno*-* nosebleed*-* Junno makes me crazy! Why you so handsome? :0
So beauty! And pretty smile on his face!

P.p.s i writing a course work^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i'm so lazy....
i don't wanna write here
although i must!

in this days some happened...
i come to Anya's birthday party! we have a lot of fun!
and they say that i'm nice...and cutie
it confused me
because i don't think so...

and we make so photo...some fun, cute and erotic photo lol

in friday my parents come to Yekaterinburd and we go to the shop....buy many clothes...great...
a have a new sleep wear and underwear ^_^
*maybe once Junnosuke will see it lol*

and i don't wanna write more
that's all lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

stupid Tasha

i'm forgot what i write here from yesterday lol

lets's remember

i'm sitting on English...and teacher want to leave me from class....because i'm sick lol
but i can't do it....although i can do it lol
because we're only talking yesterday on english about situation on Ukraine...
mm... they're talking without me...because i don't know all what happened here.

after...on logic....we laugh on out teacher...we find his page in VK and watch his profile...so funny) and i'm so tired after all pairs

i'm coming in sime place and take a code for site....and formited passport....AAAAAAAW AFWFUL!!!!

after...i listeing radio...and i know about one song....
KAT-TUN - affection ~mou modorenai~
i listening this song all time
and...i find one picture on this song...with Junno T_T *i hope it's only accessory....ring...

it makes me so sad T_T

still i'm listening new single of Alice Nine....
all songs are perfect!!!!!!
how i miss about Alice Nine~~~~

and i talking all day with one person C:
you're so interesting! i like you) communite with you) we can talk with you all time) and thank you)

today i meet Anya after phisycal activity...we walk bit a little)
have some fun)

and all day i'm in my bed with my laptop LOL
listening only one song...

"Show me your affection"(c)

when i make a homework on japanese i'm listening this song still...

when i'm stopping????

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday i get an answer
and today no...

but i want this damn answer lol

yesterday i come to Yekaterinburg. i meet Maka-tyan and we walking
we eating yammy food lol
and after we go to the shop
i buy two mikes
and i want buy two clothes too c:

in this night i can't sleep....just...
i want slep, but i wait times for writing and talking in skype with Anya and her boyfriend lol

damn...i want comunite with him T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
SESSION IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


today i give to Anya a present XD
she has a birthday today XD

i start watch a film...with Nakai and Junno...
so interesting...
i want watch it for end lol

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