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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh my diary. i back... (a bit lol)
i'm backing in Yekaterinburg.
in comfortable bed lol

my journey in Moscow was end (yeah, i can call it journey!!!)
i met so much amazing people. and i'm happy right now!
i met in real Jokie and Shinya. they was so interesting people in real. we walked around a half Moscow lol (i felt a little pain in my legs lol)
they showed to me Moscow....and great cafe with tasty food *_* (japanese udon and korean kimchi was sooooooooo yammy!)
we talked about our interests in music...and it was amazing too.
plus...they are so beauty! really!

and...in hostel i lived with so much differently people. three was actrees (one of them finished college, two - go to the University).they ws beauty and clever too *_* and... with Angelina and Ksyusha i spended so much time. We walked on nightly Red square and singed a song lol
we drank tea and coffe in night!
and in hostel was one military girl lol and realtor!!!
and i met a boy who studing on the pilot! Great, ne?

in 5th of July i wrote an exam Noryoku Shiken. Second time. I hope, i pass on them!
after we with Liza came on the Shuza's home in Krasnogorsk! A, it was so adorable!!! we sitted in the garden, drank tea and listenned Liza's music on the guitar!!!! lately we saw amazing sunset *_* beauty nature *_*

in the 6th of July we came on the cinema on "Puzzle"...so pretty cartoon...but we with Liza (like philosophers) a bit crying lol (aaaa, forgot to say...and we met new poeple...but i forgot her name T_T)
althoug this cartoon for children....and it's nice *_*

after we came on the Panda Park...pain in my stomach spoilrd a half of day....but i passed one way!!! i wanna more!!!
and in evening we with Liza sitted in the train.
we riding with one interesting man...and talked so much on so much difference theme!
on next day Liza found guitar and started to play and sing. The boy and the girl joined to us (boy's guitar)
and biy and Liza singing and played on the guitar...and after we talked too ^_^

MY TOTAL: it was amazing holidays with great meetings and storms of emotions!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aw diary.....20 without posts in you.... I'm so lazy..didn't write.
Although...i have so much news.
I try write some of them...
Let's start.

I came on festival of japanese cinema. All three days. And all days with other pair lol
In first - Inna
In second - Maka
In third - Dima....
And with Dima we came for a walk...and have so much fun. I called him "a child". And he thied to kill me lol
But he is so child ahahahaha

I celebrated Maka's birthday in half of June (sorry, i don't remember a date)
We came into bar Killfish... Oh, theirvplaylist was wonderful *-* nirvana, rhcp, slipknot etc...
We drink alcohol a bit...and came on ours homes.
I met new people - Polina! So pretty girl!

Oh....i finished the second course...but with one bad mark (3).. I must try to studing better. Because i know, i can do it.

I almost didn't watch something with KAT-TUN.....because i hdn't time. But i watched Tame Tabi...aaaw..sleppy Junno was so pretty and nice. i hadn't good word for my emotion ahaha stil wanna to hug him so much. My Junno, please, hug me T-T

and now i'm in Moscow. I try to passing on grant. And again fool. Maybe, i will a looser all time? It makes me so sad. But i musn't show it. Because i Moscow i saw so much interesting place, building, people, museum..and just...i stayed in Moscow 3 days.....and emotion was so much...and it's good emotions!
I met a new friend - Shusa! She is really interesting people! And she is a pretty girl!

P.s. aw, forgot to say. 20.06 i came on the concert of japanese post-punk group December. We talked with them, gave them a present and took a photo! Oh, thei music in real was so unreal! Guys gave to us a big drive! It was really cool!

And on next day was night of j-rock. We wached much concert and danced on that. I jumped more all on that...and on next day i felt so much pain on m body lol
But i listened great music all night! It was great! I want to return it!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I'm back in hostel after so long and hard day. I say, that i am not passed...but now i have great experience about that!

In morning i met Ira and we went to the Embassy of Japan. I met some people, who wrote exam, and talking with them. All studing Japan culture. I was alone...philosopher lol

I wrote exam. So hard!!! I guess that it was 3 and 2 level. So hard. Not for me.
But i didn't give up. I will try again and again on programm, which i may studing!

After exam i came on Red Area. Amazing place!!!! Although it had so many people...many tourists.. And i made a photo too. I walked on all center in Moscow with Ira!!! But the weather was awful. It was wet snow....coldy T.T
And tomorrow i will come in Yekatetinburg...and go to the dance lol

P.s. When i wrote that post, i wanna wrote so much japanese words lol
Think, that i may write some in japanese too

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm in Moscow. Yeah!!!

In airport i came so early. But all free time i read Murakami. It was so interesting book "Dance dance dance". Still i read it.

In airplane..AMAZING SKY *-*
Our flying was good...with music and book lol.
Soon i came in Moscow (from airport) on aeroexpress. And met Ira...
She gaves to me present...with Tora haha
Aaaw undergrond. Moscow's underground. So much people...so much way....you may lost without someone who knows this XD
but we with Ira lost....when wr found hostel lol

Now i'm in hostel...go sleep.
Tomorrow....today was great day which change my life in future:3

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm in airport.
A bit nervous...
Moscow, i come to you lol

And before this i watched Shoukura*-*
Oh my Junno. His laugh is so cutie.
And his smile....aaaaah
I haven't good words for my emotion

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