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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
laziness lol
some happened...but i don't wanna write it...because laziness manage me lol

although i must do it!
Tasha wanna know English very well....for this i must practice my language!
it's incentive for me!

and i buy my first guitar! YAY it's a great bmy thingsXD

hmm...in suturday i come home....great.....normal food and bad XD

and i meet Miko-tyan and we come to the shop and Pizza Mia...
she tells about her life...so interesting...and so difference of my XD

and in sunday we again meeting...and come to the Subway lol
we only eating...it's awful ahahahha

in Yecateriburg i come in monday...so early i come...
aaaa...i write part of my course work...great...now i must write all part and i'm free c:

in monday i buy new bra...sport bra lol
so convenient!
for phisycal activity!

and today i ccome to the school for practice....I FINISHED WITH THIS!

and now i must read some text for tomorrow....but...i don't wanna it...
i wanna watch on Junno....my sweety Junno and that's all

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
in saturday i come to my city *_*
and come to two birthday's party lol
on gradfa birthday and Polna's birthday *_*

i meet some people who i didn't saw much time!
and i sleep in Polina's flat lol

i wanna sleep in that day T_T
but we have so fun!

and i can may don't see them an year LOL

in sunday we with Maka come to Yekaterinburg...and i feel strange sence....like a sleeping...
but i decide math so late...but i do it!!!

and todaywe with Maka walk in shops....and buy some clothes....i buy new jeans lol

with my dance lol


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i'm so lazy....
i don't wanna write here
although i must!

in this days some happened...
i come to Anya's birthday party! we have a lot of fun!
and they say that i'm nice...and cutie
it confused me
because i don't think so...

and we make so photo...some fun, cute and erotic photo lol

in friday my parents come to Yekaterinburd and we go to the shop....buy many clothes...great...
a have a new sleep wear and underwear ^_^
*maybe once Junnosuke will see it lol*

and i don't wanna write more
that's all lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday i get an answer
and today no...

but i want this damn answer lol

yesterday i come to Yekaterinburg. i meet Maka-tyan and we walking
we eating yammy food lol
and after we go to the shop
i buy two mikes
and i want buy two clothes too c:

in this night i can't sleep....just...
i want slep, but i wait times for writing and talking in skype with Anya and her boyfriend lol

damn...i want comunite with him T_T

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