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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
diary.....studing is coming :D

today was three lesson (sociology and japanese language)
new teacher...Olga-sensei. Still good. i hope that it will be always!

and a bit about work!
i found work for myself!
i will a cashier in the cinema! it isn't hard work, but a bit stressful work! (because i working with money)
althoug i like it!

and today i understand...i haven't much time for dorama. T_T so sad.
maybe i can find time for this? :D

i want to see Junno every day :D it makes my stronger!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I saw i dream. Strange dream. Kenji was in maid costume lol...
I talked with him.
And Junno. We stayed at elevator...and did kabe-don (?) maybe...but i had a wish to rape him ahahah

When i woke up i went on history. We wrote a test....and i knew some answer on 100%. It was great!
On English...i must do a presentation for some conferention o.o in English...about philosophy of art o.o
Okay, i try to do it!
On japanese.... Vasilya-sensei sayed some good news...but we will wait more information...

Soon i meet Nastya... And i thought, that i was doing a homework...
No, i came on Uralmash with Eldar x.x so strange joke...he is really so crazy o.o no, he is mad lol
But i saw 6 dancers..man... I was adorable! They danced so amazing! But their talking....i didn't understand o.o
After i almost fell down..and more traumatize my left leg... Thank you, Eldar.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Strange feeling.
After university i started to do a homework. I did it do much time...and my mood fell down. In that moment Ksyusha sayed some....soon i wanna screamed!!!!>_<
I was tired!
Went for a walk alone. After i met Nastya...and my mood was high with her! Thank you, Nastya!!!
Now i go in the bed.
Amazing moment when you feeling a pleasure pain in your body:3

P.s. Saw two gifs with Junno. So much sex @-@
May i rape him? :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
So early or so later? Still i don't sleep.
I write kanji, find text for lesson...
My body tired...like me ahaha

But now in 04:32 i write it in diary. Crazy stupid girl :D

Although...before studing i watched "Kyo wa kaisha oyasumimasu"
So handsome Junno... BUT WHERE IS MY KABE-DON?! >_>

Now 5 episode translate yet...
They haven't kabe-don T.T

Jun, make me Kabe-don? :3

P. S. I wstched show with KAT-TUN.
Junno, you make me wet by your dancing action... HOW YOU DO IT?!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
someone again was so lazy and don't write here lol

on the other hand, i had a lot of happeness...that...i can't write, because i was without my power/
but today the weather is a SHIT my power are with me again...and i tell about something what happened in this days.
okay, Let's go!~ (like a Junno aahahha)

i didn't write with tuesday...okay)

in tuesday was a few lesson....and i did something in English! (LOL)
and after this i come on Phisycal activity. i write test on this on 3 poit! YATTA! it's great news lol

soon i come into my hostel....and i didn't remember...what i was doing LOL

but it isn't so importaint

soon we with Lena come to the hostel and talk only in English! it was good practice for us!!!
we must repeat it all time when we meeting XD

inn thursday i wear a Yukata *_______* on japanese lesson....
it was great experience!!!! exactly exactly LOL

and after i'm sitting on two lesson....
and in evening i'm meeting with Ryu!!!!!! we don't see about 2 years!!!!!!
great time!
pleasure time!!!!
but i have pain in my throat T_T

and still a have this....but less....it is good...i fell it...

and today i'm stayed at hostel all day LOL without studing XD

but now i know dance from Ultimate Wheels XD
and i feel myself good XD
and write a little bit course work :3

that's all for this

see you next time XD

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i must write...

in saturday i eat japanese candy...so sour lol
but so specific taste...but i wanna more lol

and i come onholydays in my city *_*
although i didn't practice on guitar...i sing a lot of songs ahaahah

in monday i come in Yekaterinburg..on pair....and i get a high point on math!

and...i wanna found teacher of history....but he was dissapeared :D
and in tuesday too

and in monday i go for a walk with Maka and Anya Shiroyama...
so funny....and loud LOL

in tuesday....meet Lena lol
and do nothing!

and today...aaaaaa
one foreing man....wanna talk with me....and i can't call my mom LOL

but it was so funny XD

and i saw a premium show...

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