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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Happy....i can go here c:

Yesterday i hadn't power for writing. Write now

I woke up so early. Awful...but i wrote a text for HoRP.
And talked with Eldar in skype....after i watched Eldar's favourite porno lol
And all day we talked anout erotic.... What i was doing? Ahahahah

In break time... I huged Nastya...we sitted together (Nastya, me, Liza) and waited for teacher for Nastya. She had a trouble with exam.

Okay.. When i came in students hostel i had bad mood.
But my mood was better when i met Lena!
We came for dancing in Grinvich.

Aaaw....severe place...
But we did it so cool!!!
We was amazing ahahahahah

In night Eldar spoiled my mood. >_>

In morning he did it again.

Lessin was so boring :c
Although...after i met Nastya:3
And now i'm waiting for bus lol i come in Kamensk!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday i get an answer
and today no...

but i want this damn answer lol

yesterday i come to Yekaterinburg. i meet Maka-tyan and we walking
we eating yammy food lol
and after we go to the shop
i buy two mikes
and i want buy two clothes too c:

in this night i can't sleep....just...
i want slep, but i wait times for writing and talking in skype with Anya and her boyfriend lol

damn...i want comunite with him T_T

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