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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
pause was so long tme lol

how i spend my time...
31 of may i came on Alyona's birthday^_^ with Eldar lol
but it was so funny. and so tasty XD i checked Nikita's food :D

after i came in Ekaterrinburg XD

(hot water is disapiared in our hostel T_T)

last week was scoring week.
i did all :D
good results (but i can better. just..i wasso lazy on studing)

now session. oh...I MUST BE ALIVE!
because....Students-2016 and Noryoku :D

in weekend i met Lena :D
we talked about life and Johnnys again :D mixed :D
how i like that ^_^

taday i watched Tame Tabi...how KAT-TUN woke up :D so poor guys :D terrible awakening
although sleepy Junno *_* OH MY GOD! HE IS SO PRETTY! JUST WANNA HOLD HIM....ALL TIME *_*

and today i came on Festival of japanese cinema.
first was film about gils, which engage in kendo. and here i saw one pretty actor :D i saw him before :D in Gokusen 3 ^_^

p.s. on dance....first...i teach some motion with new guy :D like old :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Wanna sleep. So much..

Today was so hard...four lesson..boring lesson. Strange woman was on last lesson. She talked about men and women and their relationships. It wasn't on theme...and i didn't understanding her.
Soon i came on dance. Good treaning. But tired so much.
After i was backing in students hostel...and talked with parents on mobile... Worst. We haven't money for exam. And father sayed it to me more loud. Okay, it makes me so sad. He sayed that it haven't mean...if i write it.

After i read some about Junno...and Komine. Aaaaw...jealous.
I hate myself for that, but.... All troubles fell down on me in this night...
Just i wanna cry. But i didn't do it....although i met Nastya and talked with her.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I'm back in hostel after so long and hard day. I say, that i am not passed...but now i have great experience about that!

In morning i met Ira and we went to the Embassy of Japan. I met some people, who wrote exam, and talking with them. All studing Japan culture. I was alone...philosopher lol

I wrote exam. So hard!!! I guess that it was 3 and 2 level. So hard. Not for me.
But i didn't give up. I will try again and again on programm, which i may studing!

After exam i came on Red Area. Amazing place!!!! Although it had so many people...many tourists.. And i made a photo too. I walked on all center in Moscow with Ira!!! But the weather was awful. It was wet snow....coldy T.T
And tomorrow i will come in Yekatetinburg...and go to the dance lol

P.s. When i wrote that post, i wanna wrote so much japanese words lol
Think, that i may write some in japanese too

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i made a big work!

about History of Russian Philosophy...
i have a "good".
it's great, really. Teacher chased some people from exam. and she was without mood.
it made so scared...
although... i wrote my question and answered her.
my answer was perfect! and she saw this!
but... i had so much point...and that's the reason, why i have "good" ^_^

i made a great work before exams. i wrote a tickets, read so much literature.
once i didn't sleep all night LOL
it helped me. i remembered a lot of information (still i'm in shock...how i remembered it?)

now i have one exam.
ane session is over :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

amazing evening :D

but firstly. Ontology - done! :D High mark ^_^
i think that i'm not stupid LOL
although before exam i almost didn't sleep.
(we with Nastya watched video and danced :D)
and i wasn't in exam :D maybe in space :D

okay. today's evening :D
i talked with Aki-san *_*
how long time i dodn't hear her *_*
and we had so much fun!!!!

but, thank you, Terunyan, for my high mood ^_^

P.S. i watched new PV. Kamenashi's solo clip...
and one member in his PV was.....JUNNOSUKE *________________________*


And Junnosuke:

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i'm so sleepy right now.
idk why...

but let's start

yesterday i finished to watch dorama "Runaway: aisuru kimi no tame ni". it's interesting stry...and they have great hero. but this hero....they killed T_T awful!
and name of this hero - Ryunosuke (lol)
then i watch movie "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu"... and i again one of my favourite hero died T_T
WHY, GOD, WHY??? (Junno, is it you?)

after this i watch indian film "Om Shanti Om"....and word on banner was "TAG" (Junno watches about me? lol)

so funny matches

but in morning i write exam! on high mark!
well done. it was a bit nervous,

i don't know what i can say now...really don't know
i haven't some thoughts...

today i met my friend Ryu...we go for a walk lol and eat so much food. great day :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Most hard week is over!
I was working on festival of cinema "Kinoproba".
Now i've been loking for a some people.
And...i practice my bad English haha

But i have a lot of aborable emitions. In next time i wanna working (alrhough i didn't sleep so much....about 3 hours)

And in sunday i wrote Noryoku shiken!
So hard, so nervous. But now i'm happy.
I'm feeling myself more strongly, because i'm still alive!
I go by train in Perm for this. Here was so funny and cold...
In internet we found cafe, but it was closed!!!! So early in morning we loafed in center.
And Lisa take us in control lol
Lisa great commander

Soon we found good cafe and let's reading for exams.

Structure of exams was amazing! Realy!!!
More comfortable like ege (ЕГЭ XD) in school!

And yesterday i stayed at home! I was relaxing!!!

Better time.
Thank you, world!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i remembered about my diary lol

i have a lot of action in my life...but i'm so lazy for writing here and now haven't time for this.

a year ago i wrote about festival of cinema "Kinoproba". again i'm working there.
and meet foreing guests! it's so important for me! really!
at that moment i understood, that i didn't know english...
i can't say all what i want...

bad feeling>_<
but life is go on :D

on this weekend i write an exams on japanese language... i'm so nervous, because i think that i know nothing. although i try to ready for this!

and some words...

in last weekend was Junno's birthday. so big man lol
how i wanna celebrate it together with him....still it's just a dream. i hope, that i can make a real this my wish!!

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