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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Oh yeah! I don't know what happened with my diary-app. >_<
So nervous

Okay...i start to writing

8 may
I hate that my plan is break >_<
But all day i broke all my plan. Damn. But we with Lena met to each other... And it made my feeling better.
In evening again repetition before concert.

9 may.
Celebrate. Rainy.
And we we with Lena came to UrFU in 12:00. Although concert was 19:00!!!!! We really went crazy :(
But in "Vilka-Lojka" was so much fun. Now Maksim stayed at our group!!!! With young^_^
On concert was our debut with new dance^_^ we did all syncronize c: good job.
And in night i came...to Eldar lol
It looks like a normal ahahah
We watched Supernatural and drank vine^_^

10 may
Morning was so lazy in pleasure bed (it's right? Construction)
Then i came to j-rock club. We listening B'z and Kiyoshiro Iwamano! Oooh, B'z is amazing!!! Their music like my old music wich i listened so long time ago. Nostalgy... I feel better^_^

11 may
On p.a. we ran. 400 m. I ran on 1.25. So early! O.o for me lol
In evening was dance. I couldn't do motion in rock-n-roll style... Only like our dance "apple" :D

12 may
I didn't remember some interesting. Sorry

13 may.
So much lesson....but i didn't tired o.o againg? How i did that???
But on dance....SO HARD TREENING!!!! but it was great!
Although before dance...Anya touched my a...(i hope that you understand). I was in big shock!!!! :000

14 may.
I'm a criminal ahaha
I didn't go to p.a.
I went to had a good time. And i had this^_^
Soon on japanese wasn't hard. But i made mistakes again! Why, Tasha? What happened with you? Because now you aren't you>_<

Then in evening we with Lena....didn't go on dance lol.
We set in my hostel and talked with spanish guy. He was so strange and fun xD
He want to walk with us ahaha

P.s. I saw many photos with a half-naked Junno*-* nosebleed*-* Junno makes me crazy! Why you so handsome? :0
So beauty! And pretty smile on his face!

P.p.s i writing a course work^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Didn't write abou 2 days. Fufufu

In wednesday i tried to alive. And i do it better lol.
All 5 lesson...

Then was dance.
And in night i did a lot homework...so much@-@

But in one moment i had a break...and watched "Monitoring" with KAT-TUN. So severe programm. Poor Nakamaru. He was so scared! He belivied in ghosts! He did so strange things... XD
But guys was great! They did amazing scene with this! Sometimes you may belivied them! But once Junno did strange motion... It wasn't scare....only funny XD

Yesterday i went on 3 lesson. On japanese was so interesting...maybe just i understood better? :3
After i did a part on control work...and went on dance. We had a lesdon only 1 hour! A few...

And in night i went to Eldar. We watched supernatural!!!! How i missed about this. Sam, Dean *-* Kevin*-* Crowely*-*
Handsome man.

And...i wasn't sleep again.
Now i'm on lesson....and wanna sleep

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today the weather was amazing!
It was hot and pleasant:3

But i went on lesson....althogh i didn't wanna it (maybe...i wanna go only on japanese hehe)
On japanese i made a stupid mistakes. Oh, terrible!

Soon i met Nastya and Maka. They came from Ashan xD
We had fun. But late i went on dance.
Good treening.
And...i talked a bit with Tanya. She was so pretty*-*

Soon we walked with Lena...and i came to do a homework...i read only HoRP. And a bit remembered.

Strange dialog in skype lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today the weather was awful!
Snow, rain and hail was today...

And i came on p.a.
Boring lesson too lol

After we with Liza went on japanese. We again wrote kanji. It's great!!!

Aaaw....in students hostel i met Nastya...and we talked.

Dance....great treening...although my body feel pain lol

Soon i came in hostel and did all homework. Well done ahahahahahah

And watched "Second love". I really fall in love with this dorama *-*

P.s. Today was new CM Solio *-* how i like this*-* my Junno is so handsome man in this car*-* so cool clothes*-* GIVE HIM TO ME PLEASE LOL

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aaaa. Damn...this program is *******

Yesterday was a normal day...
In morning... Ksyusha spoiled my mood on half of day :c i was a bit sadly girl lol
Just on japanese i was alone (from my group). We with Vasilya-sensei did all what i want! It was great!!!

After in internet....we with Bla made a big joke.... It was really funny. Still we do this.

Soon i met Maka and gave her money (although i'm without money too). I heard her news and problem..how i miss abou Maka T.T

and after was dance... We did our dance better..and in costumes:3 i looked like good...but my legs was so big lol
And we danced in pairs. I stayed with Eldar. I didn't remembering motiom, but i danced right o.o cool feeling lol

And in night...i feel myself better..and watched video with Junno. Still he is MY man^_^ my lovely man:3
And i meet him and we will be together lol

P.s. I will write Noryoku Shiken again^_^

@настроение: high^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Still i'm alive! Today was hard day. More lesson and dancing.
I was without power!

In internet i had a great practice in japanese! Firstly, someone comment my post on ameba.
After Kazuya wrote me all day in facebook. He is so interesting person!
I understoond his message on japanese..and answer him. He understood me too! Well done! :D

On dancing...
We have a concert 4 of april... So early. I'm a bit little nervous. Because i don't know all dancing motion!!!

Tomorrow i will see Shounen Club premium. Junno is so adorable on preview*-*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

stupid Tasha

i'm forgot what i write here from yesterday lol

lets's remember

i'm sitting on English...and teacher want to leave me from class....because i'm sick lol
but i can't do it....although i can do it lol
because we're only talking yesterday on english about situation on Ukraine...
mm... they're talking without me...because i don't know all what happened here.

after...on logic....we laugh on out teacher...we find his page in VK and watch his profile...so funny) and i'm so tired after all pairs

i'm coming in sime place and take a code for site....and formited passport....AAAAAAAW AFWFUL!!!!

after...i listeing radio...and i know about one song....
KAT-TUN - affection ~mou modorenai~
i listening this song all time
and...i find one picture on this song...with Junno T_T *i hope it's only accessory....ring...

it makes me so sad T_T

still i'm listening new single of Alice Nine....
all songs are perfect!!!!!!
how i miss about Alice Nine~~~~

and i talking all day with one person C:
you're so interesting! i like you) communite with you) we can talk with you all time) and thank you)

today i meet Anya after phisycal activity...we walk bit a little)
have some fun)

and all day i'm in my bed with my laptop LOL
listening only one song...

"Show me your affection"(c)

when i make a homework on japanese i'm listening this song still...

when i'm stopping????

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday i watch closening of Olympic game in Sochi
and with humor LOL

today i'm stayed in turn...awful...
i'm late on math....it's not good
and Kotan sent so much tweet....i can't sleep T_T

i sitting on two pairs on japanese....why second class so...SLOW? o_o
but i understand a lot ^_^

and today i attract...squirrel lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today i sitting on two pairs....and i have a break between them
and i start watcch new film "Kyo no hi wa sayonara" with Ohno-kun...
so hard film...like "Yuuki" with Kame-chan....
i cried on the end of film T_T
but it good film! Ohno-kun's play are amazing!!!
i believe him!
i want that everybody watch this film

and yet....i feel SO AWFUL HUG! >.<
i feel pain =.=

and now i turn radio with Jun-chan and Maru-kun....i listening...FOREVER LOVE BY X-JAPAN O.O I'M IN SHOCK STILL....now i listening Junno's radio lol and he played some KAT-TUN's songs...wih Koki's and Jin's vocal...WOW

good radio lol

aaaa, forget to say...
Denis oon japanese translate some from japanese....and...
he say that i like my bananas LOL
but he must say that i likee bananas lol
we have a lot of fun on this pair C:

and i saw in my dream Kris...i talk about my life now O_O"

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i forget to write lol
I was soooi tired!!!! A lot of things... And so few time T.T

On japanese i worked...but lazy...
After this we walked with Lena...we were again laugh!!!
About japanese man XD

Soon i saw going in Russia...Fujigaya Taisuke....he is so funny lol
And we with girl talked about all things xD

Today on japanese i say to Aoki-sensei that i listening KAT-TUN. Than she ask me that who is my number one. I say: Taguchi Junnosuke. And then she laught so loud!!!
But it is fun!!!

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in the night

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i had a pair on japanese with Aoki-sensei (she is from Japan and she don't speak russian...she know only some words) but she so fun...wheb Aoki-sensei say something on russian....but i feel that she loves us! Aoki-sensei all time laught with us, say "konichiva" or "sayonara" some... And she so pretty woman!!!

And yet i find a place, when i can take coca-cola bear :3

AND I WILL WORKING ON FESTIVAL ON CINEMA!!!! It is not so hard work...but so needly! I'm so happy! XD

i finished watch the first season of dorama "legal high".... Aw....so fap Junno*-*

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