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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday was on lesson so hard...just i wanna sleep.
But last lesso was about hour....AND WE WENT AWAY EARLY YAY.
Before i backed in students hostel (i wad near)... Rain was going. Aaaa....shit happened lol

Then i came on dance (it was sunny >_<)
We learned new motion. It was funny!

Soon i came in hostel...and we with Nastya went for a walk. She was so pretty*-*

And today i saw a strange dream with so much death o.o
It scared a bit.
When i woke up....i did myself better (did a make-up, beauty nail etc.)
And watched KAT-TUN Sekaiichi tame ni naru tabi.
Kame in costume.....SO FUNNY!!!!!!
And Junno, who screamed so loud and so much, when he met snake XD
But it was so cutie. I just wanna hug him in that moment^_^

Then i came in our j-rock club. We talked about hide. How i like his music*-* he was amazing and bright man*-*

But later Eldat want to met me.
Okay, i agreed to meet him.
And he was in shock, when he looked my boots lol

On dance was good. Good treening^_^

Now i went to sleep. I wanna read Lizas work....but i haven't power on this nowe

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I saw i dream. Strange dream. Kenji was in maid costume lol...
I talked with him.
And Junno. We stayed at elevator...and did kabe-don (?) maybe...but i had a wish to rape him ahahah

When i woke up i went on history. We wrote a test....and i knew some answer on 100%. It was great!
On English...i must do a presentation for some conferention o.o in English...about philosophy of art o.o
Okay, i try to do it!
On japanese.... Vasilya-sensei sayed some good news...but we will wait more information...

Soon i meet Nastya... And i thought, that i was doing a homework...
No, i came on Uralmash with Eldar x.x so strange joke...he is really so crazy o.o no, he is mad lol
But i saw 6 dancers..man... I was adorable! They danced so amazing! But their talking....i didn't understand o.o
After i almost fell down..and more traumatize my left leg... Thank you, Eldar.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I met Alyona and Nikita. We eat in cafe and talked a lot XD

I came in Yekaterinburg early for dancing...
But dance didn't do..because in university was stupid security. Aaaaaargh, damn...i spended a lot of money for this...and spended a lot of time in void.... I hate this moments.
But in evening we with Nastya drank tea...
AND HAD SO SO SO MUCH FUN! We watched old pv of the gazette, listened the different music, make a photo...and singed.
But once soneone knoked.... I guess, we singed so loud lol
And we stoped c:

P.s. I saw a strange dream with Junno xD i held his dick and sayed "don't move". After i lied down near him...and it was pleasure *-* and Junno like it lol

P.p.s. Koki with new hairstyle so f**king handsome*-*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Again watched pretty video with Junnosuke....
I wish about this situation... Face to face with Junno...
It must be a real! >_<

And...with Ksyusha we watch "one missed call".
Not so scared...but interesting.
I hope, Ksyusha like it!

@музыка: Агата Кристи - Опиум для никого

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i saw in my dream Junnosuke.
A bit strange dream.
But so pretty...and Junno was be with me.
So close....

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
some days ago my friend come from Kaliningrad.
How i miss about her.
Amazing girl! So brave :D
sometimes she's so crazy, but i like t.
we studing together in school :D
now we remembered some moments from school...

and again we started to watch some anime.
we finished "Kamisama hajimemashita".
so simple, high, cute anime! love story!!
after this you wanna some action like in fairytale ^____^
i wanna it all time XD
and....in this so strange OST :D you sing this all time lol before you forget it :D

now we watch "Ao no Exorsist".
it's so interesting too, but more hard like "Kamisama hajimemashita".

we meet to each other every day! so funny :D

yesterday we meet Maka...and have some trouble all day lol
some moments was AWFUL (but it's a few)

in internet i talk with Bla, Jokie and Maryo-chan :D
they so pretty girl :D
with everybody i have a lot of theme for talking :D

sometimes i like a doctor :D help with soething...
it's hard T_T

and two days ago i saw a dream with Junno*_* I hug him when i sitting on him! we were fell in love to each other.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonderful!
i wanna this in real LOL

@музыка: Junno: "Can you speak English"

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
forget about this diary! now it's normal lol
if you have a lot of motion in life you can write about it here
but...i don't wanna make it
why? i don't know.
although...i MUST practice my English a few here.
i make a phrase...i building my thoughts in speach.
it's better for me.
i wanna write exams in English for define my knowledge of language.
i think that i have some good it.
While i must make better this!

some days ago i come in festival of japanese culture! i was in cosplay on Edvard Elric (Fukkmetal alchimist - anime).
it's great experience for me! now i wanna make cosplay better and better!
a few people scared me lol they wanna take a photo with me lol
it's new feeling for me!

and...i saw amazing Shizuo-tyan *_______________* *fall in love*

still in internet i find a new friends! i spend my time amazing with them!
i don't wanna loose you. hope, you understand and agree with me.

also i all time dreaming about Junno :D
and this is noormal for me too lol
i saw so often dreams with him, write fanfiction (athough i didn't do it about two years), i make a fanvideo...
i hope than once we meet to each other ^_~

sometimes i feel so sad, but nobody must see it! because all must know only smiling Agami ^_________^
i give a lot of fun for all, who talk with me ^____^

and i watch some films and dorama :D

i watched "Code blue 2". that's more better like first season. but Aizawa-sensei change himself. he was more emotions. that isn't cool! it change all story. but some heroes change in better side! it makes me happy! on some moment i cry! thats good. it means that actors play their role amazing for me!

i come in the cinema on "Guardians of the galaxy"! so funny and adorable film! most importaint person: RACCOON! so pretty and dangerous :D
and grreat role of Win Diesel - Groot :D (it's a tree)

i watch japanese film "Rurounin kenshin" with Satou Takeru! Amazing effects, great playing, high decorations! before this movie i don't know this story. and this for me so wonderful!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i'm liar!

because i didn't write
although i promised it :D

today i saw a strange dream...
ufo attacked us...and i'm afraid about my little sister, Junno and Maru
and i kissed Maru nbecause he was the first who come in strange place.

it's so strange for me...seriously

and still i can't find a job...
awful T_T

but my mom realise me in night club :D

and i make a new hairstyle to my mom lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
session is over!
i come in Kamensk!
i will free about two month!!
it's great news for me

and i will restart this blog!
and i will do it)))

i take my maagazine...but it was without Junno *cry*
but my mom like this :D

this magazine is about fashion!

and in this time i saw a lot of dream with Junno! it makes me happy :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

without posts on this

sometimes i saw Junno in my dream.
great dreams!
Kissing with Junno :D

and i watch Kuroshitsuji movie. Mizushima are handsome and amazing! *_*

and...i have some great news in this day...so strange O_o

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday i saw a wonderful dream...
i hop that this dream will realize!

very hope on this!

i'm twi days sittin in home...and watch some stupipid in internet.

i saw a dorama P.P.O.I

although with fun and facepalm

so strange O_O

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today i see a dream with Junno ^_^
in Anya's home...
if you know what mean

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

two days i'm so tired!!!
so busy days!

but i'm a lot of walk lol
and my body feel pain in this days lol

yesterday i give a book for my work...
so hard T_T
but i hope it will si interesting work ^_^

so straaaaaaange...
but today i see a Junno in my dream...again blond) he was Granmari Bidou in my dream....and after all action we were together ^_____^
*i'm happy because i see a beautiful dream* and before i go sleep.....i'm only reading ontology lol

today i go to the studing play on the guitar....
it give me a lot of power *_*
i feel myself now good....but bt a little tired....phisycs....

AND I SAW ONE VIDEO....TORA AGAIN SING! LOL.....RAP!!!! HE IS SO AMAZNG!!! but he's rap not good XD
maybe sometimes he relise his CD where he will sining lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today in my first dream i saw Koki and Maru....BUT I DIDN'T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS T.T
some strange? O_o

in second dream i saw Zero....he was singing o_O
good vocal

aaaw...what happened in my mind?

now i must read for hofp...but i'm so lazyyyy

i watch photo with Koki and listenig Junno

@музыка: Tag-Tune Driving

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today i sitting on two pairs....and i have a break between them
and i start watcch new film "Kyo no hi wa sayonara" with Ohno-kun...
so hard film...like "Yuuki" with Kame-chan....
i cried on the end of film T_T
but it good film! Ohno-kun's play are amazing!!!
i believe him!
i want that everybody watch this film

and yet....i feel SO AWFUL HUG! >.<
i feel pain =.=

and now i turn radio with Jun-chan and Maru-kun....i listening...FOREVER LOVE BY X-JAPAN O.O I'M IN SHOCK STILL....now i listening Junno's radio lol and he played some KAT-TUN's songs...wih Koki's and Jin's vocal...WOW

good radio lol

aaaa, forget to say...
Denis oon japanese translate some from japanese....and...
he say that i like my bananas LOL
but he must say that i likee bananas lol
we have a lot of fun on this pair C:

and i saw in my dream Kris...i talk about my life now O_O"

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today was not so busy day...but my dream


in shower Kame...rape me...

after i saw a video....where Koki and Junno kissed to each other....naked...


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
and today in my dreamms i saw Oguri Shun
he defended me from evil lol
on the bed (on the baaaasss LOL)

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today i saw a dream with Koki.
he was alone...
i come to him and we start watch some anime.
he was alone because he have iron thorns from his hand...
but i don't afraid him

after we went to some place...
at first, i went....
then we running...and i take his hand...

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today in my dream i do not good things with Junno...

what happened?

danm, i need in Junno!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today in dream i see...Zero!
something happened....and i just a hug him...
and what happened after this i don't remember....

i'm in shock O_O

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