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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
last post was in the 15th of July...
about one month ago

and i had so happens in my life. but i can't write it. i can't do a form for them in russian (and in English - more difficult)
i wanna write in English beter, but i haven't practice. i'm so lazy.
that's so bad.
sometimes i do nothing ( i have a free time). and i spend it awful!
only in vk....
i didn't see some films\dorama, i didn't read\write in japanese\english...i do NOTHING!

i hate myself for this!

sometimes i came in Yekaterinburg for other affairs. i came on our j-rock club and j-rock night! aaaw, it was so great! most of that's group was so great! relly! we danced all night!
once i met Katya...and stayed one ninght on her room XD

we watched a film "Girl with the dragon tatoo"!!!

and i performed with rock'n'roll! but so much dance...i wan tired

and once i came on j-rock concert! Sana wa so handsome *_*
really! and his energetics was PERFECT! he talked with us on russian english and japanese ^_^ amazing man, amazing concert ^_^

Now i watched dorama "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi". Junno was so pretty *_* and strange! bcause in firsts episodes was Uchi o_O
and this role more suitable Uchi then Junno....but i accustomed for Junno :3
my pretty boy *_*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aw diary.....20 without posts in you.... I'm so lazy..didn't write.
Although...i have so much news.
I try write some of them...
Let's start.

I came on festival of japanese cinema. All three days. And all days with other pair lol
In first - Inna
In second - Maka
In third - Dima....
And with Dima we came for a walk...and have so much fun. I called him "a child". And he thied to kill me lol
But he is so child ahahahaha

I celebrated Maka's birthday in half of June (sorry, i don't remember a date)
We came into bar Killfish... Oh, theirvplaylist was wonderful *-* nirvana, rhcp, slipknot etc...
We drink alcohol a bit...and came on ours homes.
I met new people - Polina! So pretty girl!

Oh....i finished the second course...but with one bad mark (3).. I must try to studing better. Because i know, i can do it.

I almost didn't watch something with KAT-TUN.....because i hdn't time. But i watched Tame Tabi...aaaw..sleppy Junno was so pretty and nice. i hadn't good word for my emotion ahaha stil wanna to hug him so much. My Junno, please, hug me T-T

and now i'm in Moscow. I try to passing on grant. And again fool. Maybe, i will a looser all time? It makes me so sad. But i musn't show it. Because i Moscow i saw so much interesting place, building, people, museum..and just...i stayed in Moscow 3 days.....and emotion was so much...and it's good emotions!
I met a new friend - Shusa! She is really interesting people! And she is a pretty girl!

P.s. aw, forgot to say. 20.06 i came on the concert of japanese post-punk group December. We talked with them, gave them a present and took a photo! Oh, thei music in real was so unreal! Guys gave to us a big drive! It was really cool!

And on next day was night of j-rock. We wached much concert and danced on that. I jumped more all on that...and on next day i felt so much pain on m body lol
But i listened great music all night! It was great! I want to return it!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
the last week of holidays :D

sometimes i didn't know what i can do...
but i feel, that i was rest a few.

on saturdayi came in my school. met my teacher. she's still so pretty and energetic :D
met some classmates. a bit boring.

in sunday i came in "Japan". i talked about my first japanese band Malice Mizer. About Tetsu's era and Klaha's era. Inna talked about Gackt's era.
we had so interesting discussion about people in this group. One of the most person - Gackt.
we talked about his leeving from group (reason, next time, character...)
it was amazing!

after i walked with my new familiar - Nastya. She loves Yoshiki and X Japan.
But we talked about many j-rock and j-pop groups :D
some our interests was the same!!!
it makes me happy!

in monday i met Lena. We stayed at my room in the students hostel, drank tea and listened to music :3
soon we came on dance. but it wasn't a good lesson. all motion mussed in my head!

today i came in Kamensk and took my package! "Dead or Alive" by KAT-TUN!
it's so amazing!
i'm happy that i bought it!
PV and making is so so elegant and a bit mysterios (about PV)
my Junno is adorable!!!!
and all songs on CD is beautyfil!!!

booklet and poster are so stylish! Good job, KAT-TUN!

p.s. in friday i took my package from Lena!
so cutie presents on NEW YEAR!!!!

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@настроение: Fly high, right now (c) Corvinus by Asagi

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
and Arisa...
now i sing some new songs for me lol
biribiritto biribiritto biribiritto LOL
D=OUT and Mejibray...

i don't sistening them....before yesterday lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Still i saw a Alice Nine's pv "Gemini"
How long time i didn't see this! How long time i didn't listeing this song!
I miss them!
How handsome Tora!!!
Tora so great in this pv!
Tora is so great all time!

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