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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
so...i came from Yekaterinburg.
so tired. my legs feel pain after car.

but in saturday i will go in Yekaterinburg. aw

this weekend wass amazing and a bit sad!
i stayed at di Seta's home during 4 night.
we watched some films ("Red dragon', "Hanibal", "Unbroken", "1408"). and all films was so interesting!

in friday we walked with Kazuyoshi-san! (he came working in university from Japan!)
we listening to music in park! (there was festival of orchesta)
amazing show! because musicants played on instruments and danced or ran! I guess, it's so difficult!

next day.
i met Masha...and made a new piercing lol
i made it by chance lol

and after i came to di Seta...and we celebrated her birthday before she go in Moscow!
so funniest game, tasty food, interesting film - it's a discriptions of this night!

sunday...we went in J-rock club! and di Seta discovered Miyavi XD
now she like some his songs!!!!

I discovered some new songs too!!

and now i staying at my home. a bit sad, because di Seta go away :c
Good luck, di Seta!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm watching The big bang theory. all day i do that

sometims i go for a walk...
and i talked with my friends about my...nullity.
i can't do something better than my friends.

i love them, but i'm envy T_T

and i improove my English with Hika S.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i came in Kamensk-Ural'skiy. I met my parents and sister *-* i miss about them *-*

And i met Alyona and Nikita! We had so much fun! We watched strange stupid film...but we laugh so much :3

Now i watch film with my parents

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Almost all week i stayed at Katya's home with Liza! We have so much fun with philosophy, indian films, tasty food and some stories :D
I hope that we do it again!
But a little minus: i wanna sleep so much lol

In thurthday i came in Kamensk for print in certificate of health...
So hard chain...and i got it :D
Thanks to all who helped me :3

Aa...new Shounen club was upload in VK...
Soon i watch it.
But i saw a dance part!
Amazing! How i wanna see that in real T.T
Gyus, well done lol

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@настроение: so sleepy T.T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
the last week of holidays :D

sometimes i didn't know what i can do...
but i feel, that i was rest a few.

on saturdayi came in my school. met my teacher. she's still so pretty and energetic :D
met some classmates. a bit boring.

in sunday i came in "Japan". i talked about my first japanese band Malice Mizer. About Tetsu's era and Klaha's era. Inna talked about Gackt's era.
we had so interesting discussion about people in this group. One of the most person - Gackt.
we talked about his leeving from group (reason, next time, character...)
it was amazing!

after i walked with my new familiar - Nastya. She loves Yoshiki and X Japan.
But we talked about many j-rock and j-pop groups :D
some our interests was the same!!!
it makes me happy!

in monday i met Lena. We stayed at my room in the students hostel, drank tea and listened to music :3
soon we came on dance. but it wasn't a good lesson. all motion mussed in my head!

today i came in Kamensk and took my package! "Dead or Alive" by KAT-TUN!
it's so amazing!
i'm happy that i bought it!
PV and making is so so elegant and a bit mysterios (about PV)
my Junno is adorable!!!!
and all songs on CD is beautyfil!!!

booklet and poster are so stylish! Good job, KAT-TUN!

p.s. in friday i took my package from Lena!
so cutie presents on NEW YEAR!!!!

@музыка: KAT-TUN - Polaris

@настроение: Fly high, right now (c) Corvinus by Asagi

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
some days ago my friend come from Kaliningrad.
How i miss about her.
Amazing girl! So brave :D
sometimes she's so crazy, but i like t.
we studing together in school :D
now we remembered some moments from school...

and again we started to watch some anime.
we finished "Kamisama hajimemashita".
so simple, high, cute anime! love story!!
after this you wanna some action like in fairytale ^____^
i wanna it all time XD
and....in this so strange OST :D you sing this all time lol before you forget it :D

now we watch "Ao no Exorsist".
it's so interesting too, but more hard like "Kamisama hajimemashita".

we meet to each other every day! so funny :D

yesterday we meet Maka...and have some trouble all day lol
some moments was AWFUL (but it's a few)

in internet i talk with Bla, Jokie and Maryo-chan :D
they so pretty girl :D
with everybody i have a lot of theme for talking :D

sometimes i like a doctor :D help with soething...
it's hard T_T

and two days ago i saw a dream with Junno*_* I hug him when i sitting on him! we were fell in love to each other.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonderful!
i wanna this in real LOL

@музыка: Junno: "Can you speak English"

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
forget about this diary! now it's normal lol
if you have a lot of motion in life you can write about it here
but...i don't wanna make it
why? i don't know.
although...i MUST practice my English a few here.
i make a phrase...i building my thoughts in speach.
it's better for me.
i wanna write exams in English for define my knowledge of language.
i think that i have some good it.
While i must make better this!

some days ago i come in festival of japanese culture! i was in cosplay on Edvard Elric (Fukkmetal alchimist - anime).
it's great experience for me! now i wanna make cosplay better and better!
a few people scared me lol they wanna take a photo with me lol
it's new feeling for me!

and...i saw amazing Shizuo-tyan *_______________* *fall in love*

still in internet i find a new friends! i spend my time amazing with them!
i don't wanna loose you. hope, you understand and agree with me.

also i all time dreaming about Junno :D
and this is noormal for me too lol
i saw so often dreams with him, write fanfiction (athough i didn't do it about two years), i make a fanvideo...
i hope than once we meet to each other ^_~

sometimes i feel so sad, but nobody must see it! because all must know only smiling Agami ^_________^
i give a lot of fun for all, who talk with me ^____^

and i watch some films and dorama :D

i watched "Code blue 2". that's more better like first season. but Aizawa-sensei change himself. he was more emotions. that isn't cool! it change all story. but some heroes change in better side! it makes me happy! on some moment i cry! thats good. it means that actors play their role amazing for me!

i come in the cinema on "Guardians of the galaxy"! so funny and adorable film! most importaint person: RACCOON! so pretty and dangerous :D
and grreat role of Win Diesel - Groot :D (it's a tree)

i watch japanese film "Rurounin kenshin" with Satou Takeru! Amazing effects, great playing, high decorations! before this movie i don't know this story. and this for me so wonderful!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday i meet my familiar in Kamensk-Ural'skiy

we walked great!

i give some food for homeless cats!!

after i come in home and start watch dorama with Nakamaru "Henshin Interviewer no Yuutsu"

and today i finished watch it...
but it's so interesting!!
good dorama!!

after i watch "Kaze no Tani ni Naushika"
anime by Hayao Miyazaki


and still i saw new PV and miking of this from KAT-TUN. In faact.

Why Junno is so handsome? T__________T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i think that i will write a new posts once in week lol
because every day...it's impossible LOL

that's likeresults my motions XD

in last sunday...i and Polina, Ira, Lyonya, Nikita was putting out fire in the forest....SO HARD BUT WE DO IT!!!!!
we was so tired!!!
aaa and before this i watched horror film with Narimiya Hiroki....and his hero in the end was burned!!!!!! T_T

after in monday i come in Yaketerinburg...
it was so hot! i'm about weather....seriuosly!
after my lesson i come with Maka in the shop for keds!

when we coming....we was die! lol
but we walking great!!!!

in evening i read on interwiev with Kame....
so clever boy LOOOOOL

and i watch a show with my Junno *____*
he was on ths so rarely...bt i watch it all...and a half i understand! although it wast without subs!!!

in tuesday morning was so nervous....but now all are ok!

lesson was so shot! great!!
and in evenig i didn't wanna read so much text...and i was go for a walk with Ryu!!!!
great weather! amazing fontains with music!
and i came in my hostel in 0:21~~~

waking Tasha LOL

and in wednesday i must live! 5 lesson, competitions, guitar!
all my day was so closed.

but one lesson was off..and i managed do all!
well done!!

i watch making of Going by KAT-TUN...and now i sing all time tgis song! lol

everybody going for dream...


in rhursday i wanna donated my blood....BUT I DIDN'T SUITABLE O.O
i'm in shock lol and in evening i watch DVD KAT-TUN...

OH MY JUNNO *_____________________*

i have a lot of emotion on this!!!!!!!!
i wanna him!!!! LOL

JUNNO, YOU AE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Friday....
my Junno in JE is 15 years!
so much @_@
but it makes me happy!

so laziness day...
and in evening i walked with Maka...
uprt! LOOOL

AND in saturday i come in Kamensk-Ural'skiy.
yet i read a lot of fanfictions on JunDa *___*

only in evening i go for a walk and eat much rolls XD

meet Miko-tyan and her boyfriend :3

and a hour play on thhe guitar...
i still feel pain in my fingers ahahha

today i will coming in Yekaterinburg...i must do a report! T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
in saturday i come to my city *_*
and come to two birthday's party lol
on gradfa birthday and Polna's birthday *_*

i meet some people who i didn't saw much time!
and i sleep in Polina's flat lol

i wanna sleep in that day T_T
but we have so fun!

and i can may don't see them an year LOL

in sunday we with Maka come to Yekaterinburg...and i feel strange sence....like a sleeping...
but i decide math so late...but i do it!!!

and todaywe with Maka walk in shops....and buy some clothes....i buy new jeans lol

with my dance lol


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
yesterday in university wasn't pair.
it was so bad...because i must woke up early and waiting some times when i come home in Kamens-Ural'skiy

when i back in home i went for a walk and met my old friends! we sit in cafe and play in some game)

after this i went in home parents's friends...
and i was drunk! lol
my father gave a lot of vine!

but today i feel myself good.
when i come in Yekaterinburg i sitting in internet and find some scandals with JE boys...
Junno kissed his girlfriend!
IT IS A WHORST! *fangirl in soul*
I want this too.
I hope, anytimes Junno will kissing me all time *_* (dreams, dreams lol)

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