I believe myself and my best friends and you!
lazy Tasha don't write lol

in monday...i read book for my work...so interesting book about culture of Japan...about her history
i didn't studing in school this....became it is new informarion for me!

and i start use some Kanji in my japanese writers lol i think i must do it XD
in that day o come to the cinema (for point on Culturelogy lol)
i think it's great film...but i was wo tired and wanna sleep all time lol
although i saw all film and say some phrase about it after this

in tuesday i come to my city and take my parcel!
now i have a necklace like Yamapi's *_* and with cutie postcard *_*

today i wanna sleep all time...and i have a lot of pairs...and i have a rehearsal..i make a dance for children...so funny because Lisa will showed her number...lol
but she say that dance is cool c:
i'm happy ^_^

i think....maybe i may make a permanent section in my diary....
then i start to write more...and practice my language,,,,and it will interesting to read lol
and i will like Junno ^_^

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