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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh my diary. i back... (a bit lol)
i'm backing in Yekaterinburg.
in comfortable bed lol

my journey in Moscow was end (yeah, i can call it journey!!!)
i met so much amazing people. and i'm happy right now!
i met in real Jokie and Shinya. they was so interesting people in real. we walked around a half Moscow lol (i felt a little pain in my legs lol)
they showed to me Moscow....and great cafe with tasty food *_* (japanese udon and korean kimchi was sooooooooo yammy!)
we talked about our interests in music...and it was amazing too.
plus...they are so beauty! really!

and...in hostel i lived with so much differently people. three was actrees (one of them finished college, two - go to the University).they ws beauty and clever too *_* and... with Angelina and Ksyusha i spended so much time. We walked on nightly Red square and singed a song lol
we drank tea and coffe in night!
and in hostel was one military girl lol and realtor!!!
and i met a boy who studing on the pilot! Great, ne?

in 5th of July i wrote an exam Noryoku Shiken. Second time. I hope, i pass on them!
after we with Liza came on the Shuza's home in Krasnogorsk! A, it was so adorable!!! we sitted in the garden, drank tea and listenned Liza's music on the guitar!!!! lately we saw amazing sunset *_* beauty nature *_*

in the 6th of July we came on the cinema on "Puzzle"...so pretty cartoon...but we with Liza (like philosophers) a bit crying lol (aaaa, forgot to say...and we met new poeple...but i forgot her name T_T)
althoug this cartoon for children....and it's nice *_*

after we came on the Panda Park...pain in my stomach spoilrd a half of day....but i passed one way!!! i wanna more!!!
and in evening we with Liza sitted in the train.
we riding with one interesting man...and talked so much on so much difference theme!
on next day Liza found guitar and started to play and sing. The boy and the girl joined to us (boy's guitar)
and biy and Liza singing and played on the guitar...and after we talked too ^_^

MY TOTAL: it was amazing holidays with great meetings and storms of emotions!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i met Kristina after lessons. I didn't see her a long time. I missed about her.
And we eat at cafe and talk about all things.
I hope that her problems will decide!!! (so hard situation)

In evening i came to Katya with Liza.
Strange feeling. Sometimes i fell down in my world. I didn't know why i happened... Or knew..

And now i'm on lesson. But i don't understand all, what i hear...

P.s. I must improove my English! I must write exam exellent! :0

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday on japanese we with Kadoi-sensei talked about the weather....oh...in morning was all! (sun, snow, rain, wind, clouds)
She was in big shock! Although...me too XD

Liza came only on p.a.
And we went on walk...and ran about 2 km. So hard.

Then i didn't go to the latin. But i wanna to say this to teacher... He didn't come!
HOW IT POSSIPLE? i was waiting for him T.T

Soon i came in hostel...and watched all Tame tabi. Junno was so loud hahaha but so pretty, when he was scared*-*
My Junno...

On dance was a lot of people. SO SO MUCH...
It wasn't comfortable...

In night i watched different music video. Funny, scary, beauty, stupid. Many clips c:

Today...on English Denis helped me with presentation. I know that my English is terrible...i'm so sorry. Denis corrected my mistekes! Thanks to him!

Later i met Lena and we went to the shops. I choosed (forgot this word in right form) good clothes...but i hadn't money. It made me so sad T.T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday was on lesson so hard...just i wanna sleep.
But last lesso was about hour....AND WE WENT AWAY EARLY YAY.
Before i backed in students hostel (i wad near)... Rain was going. Aaaa....shit happened lol

Then i came on dance (it was sunny >_<)
We learned new motion. It was funny!

Soon i came in hostel...and we with Nastya went for a walk. She was so pretty*-*

And today i saw a strange dream with so much death o.o
It scared a bit.
When i woke up....i did myself better (did a make-up, beauty nail etc.)
And watched KAT-TUN Sekaiichi tame ni naru tabi.
Kame in costume.....SO FUNNY!!!!!!
And Junno, who screamed so loud and so much, when he met snake XD
But it was so cutie. I just wanna hug him in that moment^_^

Then i came in our j-rock club. We talked about hide. How i like his music*-* he was amazing and bright man*-*

But later Eldat want to met me.
Okay, i agreed to meet him.
And he was in shock, when he looked my boots lol

On dance was good. Good treening^_^

Now i went to sleep. I wanna read Lizas work....but i haven't power on this nowe

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Happy....i can go here c:

Yesterday i hadn't power for writing. Write now

I woke up so early. Awful...but i wrote a text for HoRP.
And talked with Eldar in skype....after i watched Eldar's favourite porno lol
And all day we talked anout erotic.... What i was doing? Ahahahah

In break time... I huged Nastya...we sitted together (Nastya, me, Liza) and waited for teacher for Nastya. She had a trouble with exam.

Okay.. When i came in students hostel i had bad mood.
But my mood was better when i met Lena!
We came for dancing in Grinvich.

Aaaw....severe place...
But we did it so cool!!!
We was amazing ahahahahah

In night Eldar spoiled my mood. >_>

In morning he did it again.

Lessin was so boring :c
Although...after i met Nastya:3
And now i'm waiting for bus lol i come in Kamensk!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I'm late lol

In monday i was alone...without Liza. It was so sad T.T
Just on lesson we didn't talking....but i need Liza near me!:0

In evening i came on dance...and we did a new motion...and we was 5 lol
And i had a strange wish....i wanna hug Tanya

And i watched 5 episode of Second love *-* so interesting*-*

Today i was with Liza:3 yay
On japanese we talked dialog with Denis....and i didn't studding it:0


After i met Nastya..and talked with her. Pleasure time*-*

I saw Junno with new hairstyle. He is so pretty

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh....last night was a bit hard lol

yesterday i came on boring pair. Lisa wasn't here T_T
it made me sad so much...
and my mood was awful...
when lessons ended...i came to...Eldar lol *what i was doing?*

we watch strange cartoon again lol
soon we came on treening...
and we were alone...
treening only for me!
it was great! i did all what i want..and came in students hostel early...

and after i went to Lena... we celebrated Yamapi's birthday.
Drank vine and martini....watched concert...and talked about life ahahahah
and watched so erotic Yamapi's concert *_*
it was so fun..but in night i felt myself worst...
i sitted with my white friend =.=

although in morning i felt myself better.

i came on students hostel, downloaded more infomation about MUCC and went on our meeting.
i talked about MUCC.
after we discussed this...and all our plans for our club...
i spend my time viry well ^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today the weather was awful!
Snow, rain and hail was today...

And i came on p.a.
Boring lesson too lol

After we with Liza went on japanese. We again wrote kanji. It's great!!!

Aaaw....in students hostel i met Nastya...and we talked.

Dance....great treening...although my body feel pain lol

Soon i came in hostel and did all homework. Well done ahahahahahah

And watched "Second love". I really fall in love with this dorama *-*

P.s. Today was new CM Solio *-* how i like this*-* my Junno is so handsome man in this car*-* so cool clothes*-* GIVE HIM TO ME PLEASE LOL

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
One more day ended.

In morning we with Liza came to do a docunents for Noryoku... But nobody didn't stay...
And we sitted in cafe and talked...
We met the same people. It's really true...

Okay, after one lesson we heard about documents and came back in university.
Culture....it was interesting...but so long T.T
After i went to Lena...we eat and went to the other university for repetition (and met a half of our group).

We danced about two times...and came back in students hostel by foot lol

So tired..and with sore feet.

P.s. Today i had so much emotion and energy!!!! And...i wanna rape Junno again...and so many times:3

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Almost all week i stayed at Katya's home with Liza! We have so much fun with philosophy, indian films, tasty food and some stories :D
I hope that we do it again!
But a little minus: i wanna sleep so much lol

In thurthday i came in Kamensk for print in certificate of health...
So hard chain...and i got it :D
Thanks to all who helped me :3

Aa...new Shounen club was upload in VK...
Soon i watch it.
But i saw a dance part!
Amazing! How i wanna see that in real T.T
Gyus, well done lol

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@настроение: so sleepy T.T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Studing in University.
Again lesson.
Again sleepy.
So boring x)

In friday i came on Kadoi-sensei's lesson about St. Valentines Day in Japan. She talked in English. And some fun...i knew a lot of in those.
But she talked about chocolate. It has so much part:
Honmei chocolate - for you love
Giri chocolate - for friend, family
Me chocolate - for myself
For pets etc.
But after this lesson i was sick...
Three days (weekend) i stayed at student's hostel. I feel myself worst!>_<
But now i'm good.

And a few...
I woke up so early...and didn't feel myself good lol
Gods, that i almost don't sick.

I stayed at Katya's home...and we watch indian films (with Liza)!!!! Who knows that it's sooo interesting?! XD
Their dance adorable!!!!

P.s in sunday i start to read two fanfiction. After this i wrote a part of my fic and...

After this i remembered Junno...i'm like a whore :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

in monday i wanna come to playing in little tennis...but i forget sportform lol
and then i come to Liza's rehearsal.

yesterday i com home...AND I DON'T RETURN MY ROOM!!!!

i remove all posters in this...
so memories...and power...but it was so funny lol

i singing and dancing at tha moment lol
and my father rec on mobile it lol

and father give to me money on guitar! GREAT!

and today....i'm a lot of talking on pair lol
what happened with me?

and Olyga-sensei leave me T_T
how i must write cousre work if i can't do it?????

and i didn't read some book
now i don't read book and listening Tanaka Koki.

and in 1.04 MY JOKE WAS GREAT!!!
that i love Aaiba so much ahahaahaah
so stupid LOL

i love Junno so much
and Tora c:




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