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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i met Kristina after lessons. I didn't see her a long time. I missed about her.
And we eat at cafe and talk about all things.
I hope that her problems will decide!!! (so hard situation)

In evening i came to Katya with Liza.
Strange feeling. Sometimes i fell down in my world. I didn't know why i happened... Or knew..

And now i'm on lesson. But i don't understand all, what i hear...

P.s. I must improove my English! I must write exam exellent! :0

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aw rest now

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today my work was'nt so hard...it is good!
i went in shops for sigarets, burgers, cookies, tea and candies)
and go to the posts XD

eating a lot and so yammy *_*

but i woke up so early T_T

but in evening i went with Lena and Kristina in cafe
we eat great rolls!
a lot of same rolls!
amazing evening...
tomorrow is the last day of festival of cinema "kinoproba". i'm so happy!

and now i watch show with KAT-TUN.
I some moments Junno is confused ^-^
so pretty
and a lot of funny moments XD

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