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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today the weather was amazing!
It was hot and pleasant:3

But i went on lesson....althogh i didn't wanna it (maybe...i wanna go only on japanese hehe)
On japanese i made a stupid mistakes. Oh, terrible!

Soon i met Nastya and Maka. They came from Ashan xD
We had fun. But late i went on dance.
Good treening.
And...i talked a bit with Tanya. She was so pretty*-*

Soon we walked with Lena...and i came to do a homework...i read only HoRP. And a bit remembered.

Strange dialog in skype lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

I'm in bed now.

Lesson was boring. And sitted in Internet. But all people (with who i talked) was without mood. It was so hard for me.
I wrote some strange things...and after i though about it x.x
Stupid Tasha.

Soon i came on danse. Vasilisa was nice with us...maybe, i liked her?
I saw Tanya... Still i wanna to hug her.

After i came in students hostel and watched Second love. I finished! How bueatiful story*-* and Kame was so handome! (although i think that Junno makes it better)

And...with Ksyusha watched old clips (Ukupnik, Kirkorov, Nikolaev lol)

P.s. I saw a new video from Shoukura.
OH MY JUNNO*+* WHY YOU ARE SO PERFECT!? Your voice, face, hairstyle, legs, fingers...aaaaaaaa
Handsome man. All time...i fall in love with him*-*

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