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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm watching The big bang theory. all day i do that

sometims i go for a walk...
and i talked with my friends about my...nullity.
i can't do something better than my friends.

i love them, but i'm envy T_T

and i improove my English with Hika S.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
last post was in the 15th of July...
about one month ago

and i had so happens in my life. but i can't write it. i can't do a form for them in russian (and in English - more difficult)
i wanna write in English beter, but i haven't practice. i'm so lazy.
that's so bad.
sometimes i do nothing ( i have a free time). and i spend it awful!
only in vk....
i didn't see some films\dorama, i didn't read\write in japanese\english...i do NOTHING!

i hate myself for this!

sometimes i came in Yekaterinburg for other affairs. i came on our j-rock club and j-rock night! aaaw, it was so great! most of that's group was so great! relly! we danced all night!
once i met Katya...and stayed one ninght on her room XD

we watched a film "Girl with the dragon tatoo"!!!

and i performed with rock'n'roll! but so much dance...i wan tired

and once i came on j-rock concert! Sana wa so handsome *_*
really! and his energetics was PERFECT! he talked with us on russian english and japanese ^_^ amazing man, amazing concert ^_^

Now i watched dorama "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi". Junno was so pretty *_* and strange! bcause in firsts episodes was Uchi o_O
and this role more suitable Uchi then Junno....but i accustomed for Junno :3
my pretty boy *_*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
New photosession*-*
My lovely Junno:3

You make me feel better:3
Thank you

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
how do you think...
why i don't wanna leave my dream with Junno?
althoug i wanna feel high feeling - love
but i fall in love with Junnosuke.

my chance so so so little.
i try to get it!

sometimes i stop to believe in myself. and in this moment some picture , video, interview or music by Junno hepl me. and i'm again happy and smile.
but how long time it will doing?

i wanna hug.
right now

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
forget about this diary! now it's normal lol
if you have a lot of motion in life you can write about it here
but...i don't wanna make it
why? i don't know.
although...i MUST practice my English a few here.
i make a phrase...i building my thoughts in speach.
it's better for me.
i wanna write exams in English for define my knowledge of language.
i think that i have some good it.
While i must make better this!

some days ago i come in festival of japanese culture! i was in cosplay on Edvard Elric (Fukkmetal alchimist - anime).
it's great experience for me! now i wanna make cosplay better and better!
a few people scared me lol they wanna take a photo with me lol
it's new feeling for me!

and...i saw amazing Shizuo-tyan *_______________* *fall in love*

still in internet i find a new friends! i spend my time amazing with them!
i don't wanna loose you. hope, you understand and agree with me.

also i all time dreaming about Junno :D
and this is noormal for me too lol
i saw so often dreams with him, write fanfiction (athough i didn't do it about two years), i make a fanvideo...
i hope than once we meet to each other ^_~

sometimes i feel so sad, but nobody must see it! because all must know only smiling Agami ^_________^
i give a lot of fun for all, who talk with me ^____^

and i watch some films and dorama :D

i watched "Code blue 2". that's more better like first season. but Aizawa-sensei change himself. he was more emotions. that isn't cool! it change all story. but some heroes change in better side! it makes me happy! on some moment i cry! thats good. it means that actors play their role amazing for me!

i come in the cinema on "Guardians of the galaxy"! so funny and adorable film! most importaint person: RACCOON! so pretty and dangerous :D
and grreat role of Win Diesel - Groot :D (it's a tree)

i watch japanese film "Rurounin kenshin" with Satou Takeru! Amazing effects, great playing, high decorations! before this movie i don't know this story. and this for me so wonderful!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
when i woke up, i'm thinking...
why i'm happy so early?

and it's go away...

and real life...

and i'm again wait sonnething...

Where is my catty?
*he understand it*

i'm again waiting him.

and answer...where are they?

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