Teach me Tiger, how to kiss you(c)

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh my diary..i'm tired so much/
i'm crying every night.
i have a lot of problem. i haven't money (and i have some credits..)
i must do some homework in the university.
still repair in my hostel....and i haven't shower, wi-fi and good conditions.

i wanna one week for the rest...but i can't.
i must studing, dance on acrobatic rock'n'roll and in my j-rock club...
so much responsibility on my head T_T

i don't tell some...i helped with organization on MK...it was great! at that moment i want to dancing with my program...oh... that was a bit sadly :c

i didn't watch a lot of show with Junno... twice i watched Tame Tabi...
i haven't time and wi-fi for this.... JUNNO, I MISS ABOUT YOU SO MUCH!!!!


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm watching The big bang theory. all day i do that

sometims i go for a walk...
and i talked with my friends about my...nullity.
i can't do something better than my friends.

i love them, but i'm envy T_T

and i improove my English with Hika S.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
last post was in the 15th of July...
about one month ago

and i had so happens in my life. but i can't write it. i can't do a form for them in russian (and in English - more difficult)
i wanna write in English beter, but i haven't practice. i'm so lazy.
that's so bad.
sometimes i do nothing ( i have a free time). and i spend it awful!
only in vk....
i didn't see some films\dorama, i didn't read\write in japanese\english...i do NOTHING!

i hate myself for this!

sometimes i came in Yekaterinburg for other affairs. i came on our j-rock club and j-rock night! aaaw, it was so great! most of that's group was so great! relly! we danced all night!
once i met Katya...and stayed one ninght on her room XD

we watched a film "Girl with the dragon tatoo"!!!

and i performed with rock'n'roll! but so much dance...i wan tired

and once i came on j-rock concert! Sana wa so handsome *_*
really! and his energetics was PERFECT! he talked with us on russian english and japanese ^_^ amazing man, amazing concert ^_^

Now i watched dorama "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi". Junno was so pretty *_* and strange! bcause in firsts episodes was Uchi o_O
and this role more suitable Uchi then Junno....but i accustomed for Junno :3
my pretty boy *_*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
and.. i know, that somebody read my diary.
please, advice some books in english.

i wanna read in English


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh my diary. i back... (a bit lol)
i'm backing in Yekaterinburg.
in comfortable bed lol

my journey in Moscow was end (yeah, i can call it journey!!!)
i met so much amazing people. and i'm happy right now!
i met in real Jokie and Shinya. they was so interesting people in real. we walked around a half Moscow lol (i felt a little pain in my legs lol)
they showed to me Moscow....and great cafe with tasty food *_* (japanese udon and korean kimchi was sooooooooo yammy!)
we talked about our interests in music...and it was amazing too.
plus...they are so beauty! really!

and...in hostel i lived with so much differently people. three was actrees (one of them finished college, two - go to the University).they ws beauty and clever too *_* and... with Angelina and Ksyusha i spended so much time. We walked on nightly Red square and singed a song lol
we drank tea and coffe in night!
and in hostel was one military girl lol and realtor!!!
and i met a boy who studing on the pilot! Great, ne?

in 5th of July i wrote an exam Noryoku Shiken. Second time. I hope, i pass on them!
after we with Liza came on the Shuza's home in Krasnogorsk! A, it was so adorable!!! we sitted in the garden, drank tea and listenned Liza's music on the guitar!!!! lately we saw amazing sunset *_* beauty nature *_*

in the 6th of July we came on the cinema on "Puzzle"...so pretty cartoon...but we with Liza (like philosophers) a bit crying lol (aaaa, forgot to say...and we met new poeple...but i forgot her name T_T)
althoug this cartoon for children....and it's nice *_*

after we came on the Panda Park...pain in my stomach spoilrd a half of day....but i passed one way!!! i wanna more!!!
and in evening we with Liza sitted in the train.
we riding with one interesting man...and talked so much on so much difference theme!
on next day Liza found guitar and started to play and sing. The boy and the girl joined to us (boy's guitar)
and biy and Liza singing and played on the guitar...and after we talked too ^_^

MY TOTAL: it was amazing holidays with great meetings and storms of emotions!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
and a bit oddities of this day....
i weared t-shirts, shorts, keds, sunglasses, accessories....all people looked on my legs >.<

one man took a photo with me...and gave his contact number for photosession...
one girl looked on my legs and...didn't blink o_O

it's so strange for me

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i met Kristina after lessons. I didn't see her a long time. I missed about her.
And we eat at cafe and talk about all things.
I hope that her problems will decide!!! (so hard situation)

In evening i came to Katya with Liza.
Strange feeling. Sometimes i fell down in my world. I didn't know why i happened... Or knew..

And now i'm on lesson. But i don't understand all, what i hear...

P.s. I must improove my English! I must write exam exellent! :0

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Good morning!

Yesterday i hadn't power for writing.

Yesterday i slept very well, alrhough the weather was sadly....
All lesson was so long..
And strange woman talked on ecilogy.... Kill her, please...
Or someone...rape her>_>she is ready

After i came on students hostel...and washed (?) clothes.
Yatta! I did it!!!

Soon i came in bar! I drank free beer and danced rock'n'roll.
I didn't want to go back...but i must...

Now i'm waiting for teacher on HoRP>_>

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today the weather was awful!
Snow, rain and hail was today...

And i came on p.a.
Boring lesson too lol

After we with Liza went on japanese. We again wrote kanji. It's great!!!

Aaaw....in students hostel i met Nastya...and we talked.

Dance....great treening...although my body feel pain lol

Soon i came in hostel and did all homework. Well done ahahahahahah

And watched "Second love". I really fall in love with this dorama *-*

P.s. Today was new CM Solio *-* how i like this*-* my Junno is so handsome man in this car*-* so cool clothes*-* GIVE HIM TO ME PLEASE LOL

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Monday was ending....yeah:3

I talked with guy who lived in Japan....about japanese language.

On p.a. was awful... I didn't tired...and a lot of time sitted.
After lesson i came in hostel and sleeped (? I forgot this).

Soon i went on dance..and still wanna sleep. Before dance i wanna sleep yet.
All this day was sleeping o.o

And before i started to do a homework on japanese, i founded.... So erotic Junnosuke*-* i wanna him in my bed lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
what's happened with me?
so sudden motion...
great, that i'm still alive XD


yesterday was our debut!!! In Faribso! We had a lot of wonderful emotion! And we dance so good for the first time!
We made a lot of photo..when we waited our turn lol
we came in 11:30. A concert started in 13:00
we was 19 (from 20....)
how you understood, we had so much free time...
and we went crazy :D
so strange and funny.

and we danced! great! i smiled so much c:

soon i came in students hostel and wrote a documents for Noryoku.
I did it!
and... Eldar call me to walk...and i agreed
and why i did it?
my legs felt so much pain T_T
but in night i came on his home...
we watched strange cartoon and eat :D

in morning i came back in students hostel...talked with Nastya and went on our meeting about j-rock.
we talkd about L'arc~en~ciel...
so interesting badn...and... i know a lot of their songs O_O
i was in shock :D

and now i'm in hostel again...
and i'm alive :D

P.S. I SAW SO EROTIC PHOTO WITH JUNNOSUKE *____________________________________*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aaaa. Damn...this program is *******

Yesterday was a normal day...
In morning... Ksyusha spoiled my mood on half of day :c i was a bit sadly girl lol
Just on japanese i was alone (from my group). We with Vasilya-sensei did all what i want! It was great!!!

After in internet....we with Bla made a big joke.... It was really funny. Still we do this.

Soon i met Maka and gave her money (although i'm without money too). I heard her news and problem..how i miss abou Maka T.T

and after was dance... We did our dance better..and in costumes:3 i looked like good...but my legs was so big lol
And we danced in pairs. I stayed with Eldar. I didn't remembering motiom, but i danced right o.o cool feeling lol

And in night...i feel myself better..and watched video with Junno. Still he is MY man^_^ my lovely man:3
And i meet him and we will be together lol

P.s. I will write Noryoku Shiken again^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I saw i dream. Strange dream. Kenji was in maid costume lol...
I talked with him.
And Junno. We stayed at elevator...and did kabe-don (?) maybe...but i had a wish to rape him ahahah

When i woke up i went on history. We wrote a test....and i knew some answer on 100%. It was great!
On English...i must do a presentation for some conferention o.o in English...about philosophy of art o.o
Okay, i try to do it!
On japanese.... Vasilya-sensei sayed some good news...but we will wait more information...

Soon i meet Nastya... And i thought, that i was doing a homework...
No, i came on Uralmash with Eldar x.x so strange joke...he is really so crazy o.o no, he is mad lol
But i saw 6 dancers..man... I was adorable! They danced so amazing! But their talking....i didn't understand o.o
After i almost fell down..and more traumatize my left leg... Thank you, Eldar.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I came in home*-* amazing place*+* my lovely parents and sister*-* i missed about them.
I eat grandmothers food*-* so much*-*
Soon i went for a walk with Polina and Lyonya....and we had so much fun!! And screamed...and drank tea lol
Great time.

Now i'm in my bed*-* goid feeling. Wanna dream with Junno for greatest end of this day lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
So strange. My vk hacked....and some my friends too. So dangerous. It's may be virus....
I'm scaring a bit o.o

Aaaw after 20min i come in Kamensk*-* so happy lol

And on lesson was danger situation lol
Read text before i was talking it ahahaha i understood meaning too. Good. Like song og KAT-TUN "giri giri"
Living on edge lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

tomorrow i come home *_* yay *_*
now it's my special happiness XD

but today i finished phisycal.
some trouble went away from me. it makes me a bit happy.
still i feel pain...but in all body...oh, dance, what you are doing with me?

in this day wasn't some special...normal day ^_^

but i finished read Murakami...i will talk about it in next post

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Why i don't do it?
I didn't write some exetcice on japanese.... Lazy Tasha...fuuuuu
Today i gonna write some new words, kanji and translate texts.
Yeah! I must do it!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm in Yekaterinburg!
My flying was great....amazing feeling in body.
Soon i came in students histel...and went on dance....repetition so much....
4 of april concert...aaaa

After...i was back..

Now i'm in my bed...and thinking about my life.
Maybe i'm lie to myself when i think that i know japanese for exams? (Noryoku, grant)
I can't be the first in something...i'm like all the same people...
Maybe i haven't power for amazing results? I'm crying

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i saw on Satoko (Ohno Satoshi in women wear lol)
He was so pretty girl!!!
And all video with Satoshi....he is amazing a funny man :D

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