Teach me Tiger, how to kiss you(c)


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I hope that i don't forget about this diary! It help me with my English!

I think that i will good blogger! It's a joke :3

Today i have a trouble. My finger is sprain! I feel a strong pain! T_T
And still i walk in my new yelow boots...but now i feel pain in my legs *lol*

I'm walking trouble! :D

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boring lesson

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i sitting on lesdon in university. So boribg because i don't know this teacher. He is not beauty and interesting T.T
But i must listening him! I want studing well and don't pay money for that.

And i feel pain in my big finger on right hand still. That's awful! But at this moment i'm funny!

And my fingers on hands is blue now *laught* after my blue hair!!

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without title

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I forget to write something in this diary yesterday!! I'm an idiot. This is for me...and i forget...so stupid X.X

Today at this moment the day is boring.
But i see Kristina and we talking about our studing in university. We have some fun because we are lazy student but we want a high point:3

After three days Lisa havea birthday. And Ann guve a half of prezent for her. It is a red scarf. Lisa is very happy *lol, this phrasevis awful and simple, but it is a real her emotion*

I think that in evening i write something more!!!

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Good evening for me *laugh*

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i hear a story from Anya and Katya, how they went to birthday party!
That's sound great, but they feel so awful to each other! They drink a lot of alchogol!!!
I'm in shock! Because i don't drink it!

I'm sitting on two pairs...so long and so boring...but on the first pair our teacher have a joke for us!!!
But half of his subjeckt i don't understad still!!!

And my mother saw my new hairstyle with blue color... I must change it :D
now i'm again with chocolate color of hair.

No trash :DD

I was so laaaazy!!! I don't want watch Alice Nine Channel on NicoNico because i'm lazy lol
what the stupid logic!
i don't understand myself!!!

Yesterday and today i have a dream with Koki Tanaka... that's so strange!!! SO SO! I don't know with what it connect!
In today's dream with Koki was Hiro Mizushiha. He had a very sexual body!!! I see it! :D so funny... and Koki know, that i was be with Hiro! :D
amazing dream i have :D

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Sunday's evening)

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I'm come in Yekateringurg...and i want sleep (i don't know why)
But i can't...
Unfourtunately, i must doing two homework for pairs... (T_T)

I'm so lazy and tired now...

Yesterday someone call me...but...WHO WAS IT BE?!
maybe, i mutsn't turn off my mobile XD

But...i want know this person...

now i see some videos and go do a homework

Today a see Junno and Die (from Dir en Grey) in my dream...So cuuute!!! Die give me his authtograph...YAAAY
and Junno hug and kiss me *in dream*

so pretty :3

and before 4 hours i go for a walk with Olya...it was be cool and funny)))
in next holiday we want meeting again :D

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oh god....

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
A long time i can't go on this diary....WHAT HAPPENED WITH MY PHONE?! IT MAKES ME CRY T.T
But now all is good.

Today i give a birthday present for Lisa...but her birthday will be tomorrow lol
She was be so happy, because my present is a notebook with Undertaker (from anime "Black Butler") and neckornament (from anime "Rosario Vampire"). I think, that is great present because i want it all too lol

Yet our teacher on math say to us our results for the test...I AM SO STUPID, BECAUSE A HAVE A WHROST POINT ON THIS!!!! T.T IT MAKES ME CRY TOO.
i don't know what i will doing...but i want a good marks on math.

Some in my studing not good...but i trying...


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i forgot to write a post. Again T.T
I'm stupid! What is happened with me?! I want know english very well but...

But today i meet Nastya. I love her:3 and...she was be with her grandmother... Her grandma buy to me a lot of candys...That is cool. But i am embrassed!!

With Lena (and yesterday) we watch advantures Fujigaya Taisuke in Russia!! That is fun!!! A lot of fun!!

And i find much photos with Junnosuke Taguchi...so great, amazing, awesome, sexy!!!
I have a lot of fap lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
all girls near me feel fun...but not me

i am forever alone.
nobody want talk with me...

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stupid Tasha!!!

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I forget to write again!!!
So lazy and stupid Tasha...

Today i check a tests on the Englissh lesson...and again i see one second name...I HATE THAT PERSON!!!! because he ignored me in all his account in Internet!!! I worry about him!!! I think, he forget me forever T.T It makes me very very sad...

But yesterday i was eating a lot of rolls and sushi free) it was be tasty:333

And today on pair on i.t i sleeped xD teacher saw me...but he didn't say to me something lol

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again lazy Tasha

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i don't write here 4 days!
that's awful!!!

but i have a lot of things and a little time for this

Some happened with me...so much emotions...

now i'm real a student of philosofy))

I was drunk...tha't faun, but...not good...my head was ill/ but on next morning i feel myself very good...
it was be strange lol

one person...are doing a strange proceedings.
but i can't say what is the proceedings...

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i must write something, right?
okay... i follow Koki Tanaka in Twitter :D
and wwrite to him a lot of things on english and russian or on japanese with gogle translater lol
that's so fun...i hope he aswer to me...VERY VERY HOPE ON THIS...
but he don't write to me...me make me sad!
Lord, after i see you...

feels like a crazy mood(c) Jang Keun Suk

that phrase is perfect for this moment!!!

and on KSE i have a good point! well-done Tasha xD

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!


this pictire from Koki's twitter

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will be all right

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
now i finished watch concert "break the records" by KAT-TUN.
But at that moment i must read Dhammappada...i'm stupid XD

what i will doing tomorrow on pair???
Loh - it's my desteny)))

But i saw handsome Taguchi Junnosuke...why he so...so...SO SEXY FOR ME?

it's a short story about my evening XD

all day was boring! nobody good happened...
aaa...no...i met Kristina! now she cut her hair. so cute!!!!
that's all lol

@музыка: KAT-TUN - Will be all right

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Damn, yestarday i again forgot about diary...what i must doing?
But...yesterday the day was so hard, long and boring X.X

Today...on Japanese pair we was with Japanese teacher...Aoki sensei. She doesn't know russian language (only some words) but i understood her!!! It was great pair!!! We have a lot of fun! She teach us good speaking! Some good phases for dialoge!

And just she a cute, small woman...look like girl lol but she is 30 o.o it's a shock!!! :D

After some times we will debut! I'm confuse.... I think that it will be awful! Because we don't ready for that!!!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday we had a great debut!!! It was be amazing! I like it!!! I want it more! Really! To us gave diplome "Very philosohy humor".. About drunk people, religious people and gopniks XD (i make a cool word lol)

And today i meet Miko-tyan. So long time i don't see her. We talking about my life...her life...alice nine and Ueda XD
And we watch some video*-*

For today that's all. I'm tired. And now i'm going sleep! Sweet dreams.

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some minents XD

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
now i final to watch dorama 'my boss, my hero'... I WATCH THIS DORAMA ONLY FOR KOKI....AND KOKI MAKE ME FUN LOL
he is so cute and funny *without hair lol*

and today i see a very scary dream...i didn't see this dreams about 8 years...really scary. i can't sleep againg after this *but it will be morning...8:00 a.m. and i want sleep*
late i was sleep...without dreams..

but before scared i see KAT-TUN in my dreams XD *unfourtunantely, only 4 people...Kame, Junno, Tat-chan, Nakamaru
it was be bit a little cute :3

and in all days i write To Koki in twitter....BUT HE DON'T ANSWER ME! IT MAKE ME SAD....but i mustn't write this to him :3

And yesterday i forgot about NicoNico "Alice Nine channel". after i saw screen...IT WAS BE A GREAT NICONICO...SO FUN THINGS! SO HANDSOME TORA *look like gopnik XD*
I want Tora alot, if i saw this tomorrow XD now i waiting record with this XD

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aaaaw picspam XD

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i really love Koki's photo from twitter!!!

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tests T_T

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
but i can't understand T_T

i hope that i write good it!

and now i watch some video with Nishikido Ryo and NEWS. some moments i divined (with Yamashita Tomohisa)

it was be cutie :D

now i want a date with YamaPi)

but Nishikido Ryo was be great and amazing! He look like a rockstar in one video!

and today i change my worktable on computer :DD

cutie and household Jun-chan! ^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i start watch a new dorama. "legal high" . It's a great and funny dorama. But so little time with Jun-chan. And he all time eat!!! Ge so pretty in this moment...

Today we with Lena laught about Kame and Jun-chan... It will be so fun if we live with them xD
I see it so good xD

And now Anya do to me massage XD

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bit a little borng day

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today was be a hard day...
I wrote a test on logic!!!
It is a very heavy subject for understanding!!!

Still i sitted on boring the second pair of HFP ( history of foreing philosify). New teacher tell to us this! He is awful! I can't learn his mind!!! He is stupid x.x AND SOOOOO FAAAAAT!!!

Still i went in cafe. And after went around with Lena. We have a lot of fin stories about our future life with Kame, Ryo, Ueda (Lena) and Junno (me)...
So craaazyy!!!

And in night i saw dorama "legal high". I saw Jun-chan...WHY HIS NECK SO FAP???! I CAN''T STOP IT DOUNG! I WANT HIM MORE AND MORE! WHAT HE DOING WITH ME???

And Koki again don't answer me because i wrote test on japanese on 73 poiny xD

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