I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Still i'm alive! Today was hard day. More lesson and dancing.
I was without power!

In internet i had a great practice in japanese! Firstly, someone comment my post on ameba.
After Kazuya wrote me all day in facebook. He is so interesting person!
I understoond his message on japanese..and answer him. He understood me too! Well done! :D

On dancing...
We have a concert 4 of april... So early. I'm a bit little nervous. Because i don't know all dancing motion!!!

Tomorrow i will see Shounen Club premium. Junno is so adorable on preview*-*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Strange feeling.
After university i started to do a homework. I did it do much time...and my mood fell down. In that moment Ksyusha sayed some....soon i wanna screamed!!!!>_<
I was tired!
Went for a walk alone. After i met Nastya...and my mood was high with her! Thank you, Nastya!!!
Now i go in the bed.
Amazing moment when you feeling a pleasure pain in your body:3

P.s. Saw two gifs with Junno. So much sex @-@
May i rape him? :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Went on dance! Great work out!!!
And...end of this was...on super junior - oppa oppa ahaha
After i knew that Eldar recommended me to OA. Amazing! It means that i can a lot :D

And....a half of night i made english and japanese language! And i did all what i want.
Good job, Tasha XD

Today i feel myself good (although i sleep 5 hours. It's small for me) ^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
back from university.
a bit tired. but soon i come to dance :D
although i wanna go sleep now.

in university was a bit boring.

from the other hand, i was a few happy, when i met Kadoi-sensei! i don't know why i feel it but... XD

my boots "died" T_T
and i haven't monye for new T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Came in Yekaterinburg. When i did it, i saw scaring trouble x.x

Soon..in students hostel i watched "shuffle KAT-TUN"
So funniest video.
And Junno was so pretty *-* in glasses *-* and he eat all video ahahahah i like this :D

After i watched making og KISS KISS KISS
And Junno kissed camera...aw, how i want this kiss for myself *-*
And he showed his ass lol
One moment ahahaha
He was so amazing! I want him ahahahahah

@настроение: wanna Junno so much

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i came in Kamensk-Ural'skiy. I met my parents and sister *-* i miss about them *-*

And i met Alyona and Nikita! We had so much fun! We watched strange stupid film...but we laugh so much :3

Now i watch film with my parents

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday we with Lisa came into cafe "Tiramisu" (i'm right?). So comfortable. And food was tasty! Necessarily we will back!

After this we met Katya, heared her story about her point in olympic of philisophy. I hope that she wrire exams in june on high marks! Becsuse that olympic isn't the end!
Soon we came in books shop. And i bought book. Dante.... *-*
And....next shop...and i bought jeans and t-shirt. Lol
Like a shopoholic :D

In night i watched film "Halloween". Hm...what i can say...
Like all films in 80th..about maniac. Person wasn't "open" (just some in his childhood and that's all). And....naked boobs lol

@настроение: sleep on lesson lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aaaargh, Lisa.
I try to write something everyday again :0000
But it's hard to me.

Yesterday i find a film for us (me and Ksyusha). Horror
Some title of film was so funny. Although i wanna see some films...they made in 30-40 years lol
But it's more scared. Seriously. And they had more meaning!

And two days i came dancing. My body had a bit pain. Pleasuring pain lol

P.s. I watched film by Salvador Dali "Andalusian dog". So strange! Without meaning... This film showed our dream. Really.
Although, i think, it's need to watch oo

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Someone wrote composition on japanese on the lesson lol


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
again forgot about my diary lol

although i had a lot of news

first: i come in Moscow on exam! yay! they took my documents for grant! congratulation for me XD
second: a was sick about 4 days. i stayed at home. it was amazing time (when i sleeped so much and did japanese) pleasure time
third: i singed on the festival "ChibiFest".
maybe i must say something about fest? hm...good original, very very good (stimpunk so amazing)
but a few asian cosplay....and half was...niice, but... ちょっと...
so funniest scene! great job, guys!
a lot of cover dancer. they danced cool, but so much and without big difference..
karaoke...so few..
and Rickman was cool! amazing voice. it was YOUR song!
althoug Anna Gregory sined nice...Rose wasn't her song.

and about time...so long time...pause...fuuuu T_T

in monday i came on our j-rock meeting. now i fell on love with Kamijo! Amazing man! Amazing music! Amazing vooice! :D

p.s. listened a new album of KAT-TUN. i dissapointed T_T
but when i listened in second time...some song was nice. BUT THEY CAN DO THIS BETTER!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I came in Kamensk.
Health was awful.
Went to the doctor.
Now i had a holidays lol

But in sunday i must staying in Yekatetinburg in festival.
God, i feel myself better then yesterday.

now i translate some interview for vk's group "MUCC". good practice!
And interesting motion lol

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
still i'm sick
like a joke from life
what happened? lol

on this week i fel myself better ( cos i sent a documents)
idk what i can say...

today i saw new look of Tora *_*
he's again TORA AMANO *_*


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Junno with neko-ears!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
today is amazing day!!!!!
but now 'm sleepy lol (it isn't a news)

in sunday i went into J_Rock club :D
we talked about Gackt! But i hadn't a desire to listening him more (although once i will watch some his work in cinema and dorama)
and we made a present for Kamijo! it was funny and wonderful! (especialy...when one woman painted chibi-Kamijo)

after i walked a bit with Masha ^_^
she's so pretty!

and after i watch Shounen club premium! and a half of that i translated!
it was great for me!!!
i few understood theit speach :D

and monday...
we with Maka singed one song for festival :D
and on audition we had a some mistakes...but we passed :D

and we went drink!!! :DD
i met new people, cooked, singed and washed crockery
soon i came in the students hostel and again wrote the documents T_T

and we with Maka passed on the festival....on competition lol

great day!!!!

and i saw a cutie Junno with neko-ears ^_^

@настроение: WONDERFUL!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Almost all week i stayed at Katya's home with Liza! We have so much fun with philosophy, indian films, tasty food and some stories :D
I hope that we do it again!
But a little minus: i wanna sleep so much lol

In thurthday i came in Kamensk for print in certificate of health...
So hard chain...and i got it :D
Thanks to all who helped me :3

Aa...new Shounen club was upload in VK...
Soon i watch it.
But i saw a dance part!
Amazing! How i wanna see that in real T.T
Gyus, well done lol

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@настроение: so sleepy T.T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Studing in University.
Again lesson.
Again sleepy.
So boring x)

In friday i came on Kadoi-sensei's lesson about St. Valentines Day in Japan. She talked in English. And some fun...i knew a lot of in those.
But she talked about chocolate. It has so much part:
Honmei chocolate - for you love
Giri chocolate - for friend, family
Me chocolate - for myself
For pets etc.
But after this lesson i was sick...
Three days (weekend) i stayed at student's hostel. I feel myself worst!>_<
But now i'm good.

And a few...
I woke up so early...and didn't feel myself good lol
Gods, that i almost don't sick.

I stayed at Katya's home...and we watch indian films (with Liza)!!!! Who knows that it's sooo interesting?! XD
Their dance adorable!!!!

P.s in sunday i start to read two fanfiction. After this i wrote a part of my fic and...

After this i remembered Junno...i'm like a whore :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
the last week of holidays :D

sometimes i didn't know what i can do...
but i feel, that i was rest a few.

on saturdayi came in my school. met my teacher. she's still so pretty and energetic :D
met some classmates. a bit boring.

in sunday i came in "Japan". i talked about my first japanese band Malice Mizer. About Tetsu's era and Klaha's era. Inna talked about Gackt's era.
we had so interesting discussion about people in this group. One of the most person - Gackt.
we talked about his leeving from group (reason, next time, character...)
it was amazing!

after i walked with my new familiar - Nastya. She loves Yoshiki and X Japan.
But we talked about many j-rock and j-pop groups :D
some our interests was the same!!!
it makes me happy!

in monday i met Lena. We stayed at my room in the students hostel, drank tea and listened to music :3
soon we came on dance. but it wasn't a good lesson. all motion mussed in my head!

today i came in Kamensk and took my package! "Dead or Alive" by KAT-TUN!
it's so amazing!
i'm happy that i bought it!
PV and making is so so elegant and a bit mysterios (about PV)
my Junno is adorable!!!!
and all songs on CD is beautyfil!!!

booklet and poster are so stylish! Good job, KAT-TUN!

p.s. in friday i took my package from Lena!
so cutie presents on NEW YEAR!!!!

@музыка: KAT-TUN - Polaris

@настроение: Fly high, right now (c) Corvinus by Asagi

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
hey, diary!

sometimes i don't wanna write in this, but my wish directs me :D

three days ago i came to Lena :D we again talked about our life and johnnys :DDD
and watch new anime. Shounen-ai "Love Stage".
so pretty anime ^__^

and one motion in sunday.....Teruki again answer me LOL
it makes me happy *_*

and...after we with Sveta write new fanfuiction...and i will writing little story again lol

my fantasy about Junno...so mad :D

a few time ago one cutie japanese girl followed me in twtter ^_^ and wrote to me :33

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
o yeah!!!!
session is over!!!!
Last exam on high mark!!!!


it's the easiest! really! and more better like last ^_^

after this in evenig i came in the cinema. i watched "Unbroken" with Miyavi! i just wanna say, that Miv played great!!!! really very good!
+ film was so hard and interesting!!!

but worst news...

noryoku shiken isn't passed.

it makes me sad...
in this summer i myst write this exam! i will ready for that! i promised

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