I believe myself and my best friends and you!
A little trouble makes me cry...
What's happened with me?


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Today i saw in my dream Junnosuke.
A bit strange dream.
But so pretty...and Junno was be with me.
So close....

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
sometimes i'm really going slightly mad...
a have a hard headache...but i start to translate interview with Yasuda Shota.
what's happened with me?

but i read for tomorrow's lesson text. - good action

all day i went around the city...
all day...
without music and chocolate...
i guess, that my power was left me T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i made i worst thing!


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Just finished translate Junno's song "Whenever i kiss you".

How pretty lyrics!
But still it's hard for me!!

I think...i must practice in translate more!
Not only songs
And not only from japanese

Aaaw, i'm talking about song lol
Because i was translating from japanese, i find so much words...and....so different means!!!! It makes so funny!
We guess that Junno like corpses hahaha
As well as this song is about fall in love:3

P.s it's my 3 song.
1 - Zutto by INKT
2 - Trigger by INKT

@музыка: Luna sea - rosier

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I talked about one things.
I must do it.
Let's start!


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
New photosession*-*
My lovely Junno:3

You make me feel better:3
Thank you

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Most hard week is over!
I was working on festival of cinema "Kinoproba".
Now i've been loking for a some people.
And...i practice my bad English haha

But i have a lot of aborable emitions. In next time i wanna working (alrhough i didn't sleep so much....about 3 hours)

And in sunday i wrote Noryoku shiken!
So hard, so nervous. But now i'm happy.
I'm feeling myself more strongly, because i'm still alive!
I go by train in Perm for this. Here was so funny and cold...
In internet we found cafe, but it was closed!!!! So early in morning we loafed in center.
And Lisa take us in control lol
Lisa great commander

Soon we found good cafe and let's reading for exams.

Structure of exams was amazing! Realy!!!
More comfortable like ege (ЕГЭ XD) in school!

And yesterday i stayed at home! I was relaxing!!!

Better time.
Thank you, world!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
So early or so later? Still i don't sleep.
I write kanji, find text for lesson...
My body tired...like me ahaha

But now in 04:32 i write it in diary. Crazy stupid girl :D

Although...before studing i watched "Kyo wa kaisha oyasumimasu"
So handsome Junno... BUT WHERE IS MY KABE-DON?! >_>

Now 5 episode translate yet...
They haven't kabe-don T.T

Jun, make me Kabe-don? :3

P. S. I wstched show with KAT-TUN.
Junno, you make me wet by your dancing action... HOW YOU DO IT?!

@музыка: Klaha - Scape~ with transparent wings

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i remembered about my diary lol

i have a lot of action in my life...but i'm so lazy for writing here and now haven't time for this.

a year ago i wrote about festival of cinema "Kinoproba". again i'm working there.
and meet foreing guests! it's so important for me! really!
at that moment i understood, that i didn't know english...
i can't say all what i want...

bad feeling>_<
but life is go on :D

on this weekend i write an exams on japanese language... i'm so nervous, because i think that i know nothing. although i try to ready for this!

and some words...

in last weekend was Junno's birthday. so big man lol
how i wanna celebrate it together with him....still it's just a dream. i hope, that i can make a real this my wish!!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Forget about my diary. Although i have a lot of interesting motion. But don't write it.

I try to write again when i come in students hostel


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I start live with Lisa and Katya. It's so fun and adorable!!!!

So tasty food by Lisa... I gonna eat it all time lol

And we watch so interesting film "Dogma"!!!
So wonderfull!!!!! *-*
And cast...cool!!! So famous actors! :3

Now i'm sitting in institute...
This week will so hard, but i try to make better!


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Night....was so strange.
I saw some photo with stupid people.

I debated with one girl lol but some i feel some sorry in comments o.o

And i watch three show with Junno. He so adorable, amazing, handsome, funny, sexy....

*my dictionary lol*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!

Look, Junno like a sun *0*
It makes me smile ^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I think that i didn't write about mothn here *laugh*

But i have a lot of happening for writing...
Lazy - it's awful -.-

Right now i'm sitting in university, although lesson isn't starting. -.-
Post don't work.... Damn
I guess, tomorrow i skip one lesson.
Bad Tasha lol

So...i can write a bit what happened with me c:
Still i'm studing in university, not bad and not so good. It's normal.
In hostel...i have some familiar people...not from my group. Great.
We are playing in the carts :D

I come in Pervoural'sk... In night. Company was scaring, but i still write here - i'm alive :D so much drunk old *for me* people. How it possible? O.o

And....AND...... i have an aswer from two person :0
It's so importaint answer for me from two...

Yet i wanna more....

And some words about my Junno *i must do it lol*
Now he playing in new dorama "Kyo wa kaisha oyasumimasu". But it's making right now...and i saw only 11 minutes from 1 episode. JUNNO SO AMAZING! Simple and smiling guy! And he looks like so sexy! In oficial clothings*-*

I watch TameTabi with KAT-TUN.
Jun....my lovely Jun....was naked lol
He shows his....eee....you understand, what he shows xD on all country! O.O
but it was so funny...
And in Shounen Club.... He was so pretty homely (?)
With bare feet... It's my weakness *-* and i'm again fall in love :D

@музыка: B'z - zero

@настроение: high mood...i guess

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
big liar was come back lol

maybe now i write a little bit :D

let's go

i didn't remember what i write. it means that i can rewrite some again.
it's not so scared

on some day i meet Ryu! we have some fun, but the weather was so awful! rain with snow...IN 17 SEPTEMBER!
Ural? what happened?
i wanna good weather...sunny, heat...


i was start to studing...
now i'm going so sleepy and hangry lol
but i try to work on lesson!
i wanna more authomath in session!

i'm again going on the guitar :D
but i haven't some times for practice....it's pointless


In december i will write an exam on Japanese language! now i gonna learn more rules and words for this (and kanzi's)
and....i'm admin in public page on Taguchi Junnosuke!
i write some posts every day...and i really like it lol

some can see my lovely Junno c:

in tuesday i come on the cinema...so strange and boring film....although a bt scared. because it had some sharp moment and loud sounds...that's all.
i guess, that this film you may watch once.

We with Ksyushha talk to each other every day...so fun! and now she listening a bit my music lol
it's a good and bad :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Once i don't be a big liar.

Now i sitting on history. So boring lesson. You can see that. Just teacher talk lection for himself...and so quickly.

On last days...

I live in hostel and studing on second course in university. Good job! Read some text of philosophy. Again so hard.

Yet i come on the playing on the guitar!!!! And i wanna come on the vocal.

On last week... I went to some work... In fact, almost i was getting my money strange company. But i understood it.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
I'm big liar....
I don't write a lit. Although i have some news.
Good news.

Today i do it! In my lap top


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
In this evening i gonna write some here. I promise.


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
some days ago my friend come from Kaliningrad.
How i miss about her.
Amazing girl! So brave :D
sometimes she's so crazy, but i like t.
we studing together in school :D
now we remembered some moments from school...

and again we started to watch some anime.
we finished "Kamisama hajimemashita".
so simple, high, cute anime! love story!!
after this you wanna some action like in fairytale ^____^
i wanna it all time XD
and....in this so strange OST :D you sing this all time lol before you forget it :D

now we watch "Ao no Exorsist".
it's so interesting too, but more hard like "Kamisama hajimemashita".

we meet to each other every day! so funny :D

yesterday we meet Maka...and have some trouble all day lol
some moments was AWFUL (but it's a few)

in internet i talk with Bla, Jokie and Maryo-chan :D
they so pretty girl :D
with everybody i have a lot of theme for talking :D

sometimes i like a doctor :D help with soething...
it's hard T_T

and two days ago i saw a dream with Junno*_* I hug him when i sitting on him! we were fell in love to each other.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wonderful!
i wanna this in real LOL

@музыка: Junno: "Can you speak English"

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