Teach me Tiger, how to kiss you(c)

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Oh diary, i'm so tired!
I can't sleep well and...this is the reason, why i didn't go to the University.
On dance... Again i felt pain in my leg lol

I try to work...i hope that i will working

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh my diary..i'm tired so much/
i'm crying every night.
i have a lot of problem. i haven't money (and i have some credits..)
i must do some homework in the university.
still repair in my hostel....and i haven't shower, wi-fi and good conditions.

i wanna one week for the rest...but i can't.
i must studing, dance on acrobatic rock'n'roll and in my j-rock club...
so much responsibility on my head T_T

i don't tell some...i helped with organization on MK...it was great! at that moment i want to dancing with my program...oh... that was a bit sadly :c

i didn't watch a lot of show with Junno... twice i watched Tame Tabi...
i haven't time and wi-fi for this.... JUNNO, I MISS ABOUT YOU SO MUCH!!!!


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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
diary.....studing is coming :D

today was three lesson (sociology and japanese language)
new teacher...Olga-sensei. Still good. i hope that it will be always!

and a bit about work!
i found work for myself!
i will a cashier in the cinema! it isn't hard work, but a bit stressful work! (because i working with money)
althoug i like it!

and today i understand...i haven't much time for dorama. T_T so sad.
maybe i can find time for this? :D

i want to see Junno every day :D it makes my stronger!

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Not format post

I believe myself and my best friends and you!
В последнее время я зачастила с ними. Но мне надо чтобы именно на русском был составлен мой план.
Итак, начался учебный год...и я уже приготовила себе то, что просто обязана выполнить.
1. ремонт в комнате (пока что в процессе, осталось поклеить обои и положить линолеум)
2. выделять час свободного времени на японский
3. выделять час свободного времени на английский
4. найти работу (нашла, на днях буду трудоустраиваться)
5. не бросить рок-н-ролл и подготовиться к Малахитовому Кубку
6. сразу же выполнять всю домаху к семинарам
7. натаскать себя на 4 уровень уже-таки (а то становится стыдно)
8. провести открытый урок нашего Джей-рок клуба (с меня простенькая хореография)
9. провести бонэнкай опять же с нашим джей-рок клубом
10. сделать три косплея на Аллена Волкера (дэдлайн до декабря или января)

вроде бы пока что всё. но чёрт возьми... я иногда хочу спать :D и есть
и мне тоже надо не забывать делать это.
как-то так

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!



my lovely guys, why you so handsome?

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
so...i came from Yekaterinburg.
so tired. my legs feel pain after car.

but in saturday i will go in Yekaterinburg. aw

this weekend wass amazing and a bit sad!
i stayed at di Seta's home during 4 night.
we watched some films ("Red dragon', "Hanibal", "Unbroken", "1408"). and all films was so interesting!

in friday we walked with Kazuyoshi-san! (he came working in university from Japan!)
we listening to music in park! (there was festival of orchesta)
amazing show! because musicants played on instruments and danced or ran! I guess, it's so difficult!

next day.
i met Masha...and made a new piercing lol
i made it by chance lol

and after i came to di Seta...and we celebrated her birthday before she go in Moscow!
so funniest game, tasty food, interesting film - it's a discriptions of this night!

sunday...we went in J-rock club! and di Seta discovered Miyavi XD
now she like some his songs!!!!

I discovered some new songs too!!

and now i staying at my home. a bit sad, because di Seta go away :c
Good luck, di Seta!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Now i'm watching The big bang theory. all day i do that

sometims i go for a walk...
and i talked with my friends about my...nullity.
i can't do something better than my friends.

i love them, but i'm envy T_T

and i improove my English with Hika S.

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
and.. i know, that somebody read my diary.
please, advice some books in english.

i wanna read in English


I believe myself and my best friends and you!
last post was in the 15th of July...
about one month ago

and i had so happens in my life. but i can't write it. i can't do a form for them in russian (and in English - more difficult)
i wanna write in English beter, but i haven't practice. i'm so lazy.
that's so bad.
sometimes i do nothing ( i have a free time). and i spend it awful!
only in vk....
i didn't see some films\dorama, i didn't read\write in japanese\english...i do NOTHING!

i hate myself for this!

sometimes i came in Yekaterinburg for other affairs. i came on our j-rock club and j-rock night! aaaw, it was so great! most of that's group was so great! relly! we danced all night!
once i met Katya...and stayed one ninght on her room XD

we watched a film "Girl with the dragon tatoo"!!!

and i performed with rock'n'roll! but so much dance...i wan tired

and once i came on j-rock concert! Sana wa so handsome *_*
really! and his energetics was PERFECT! he talked with us on russian english and japanese ^_^ amazing man, amazing concert ^_^

Now i watched dorama "Ganbatte Ikimasshoi". Junno was so pretty *_* and strange! bcause in firsts episodes was Uchi o_O
and this role more suitable Uchi then Junno....but i accustomed for Junno :3
my pretty boy *_*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
hey diary.
lazy Tasha here.
i'm confused after message about my mistakes in posts. yeah
that's stupid.
but i can't do something with this...

i wanna write without mistakes...but i do nothing lol
i guess, problems in my head lol


today i saw a concetr KAT-TUN "Come here" in Tokyo ^_^
it made so happy *_*
amazing Junno *_* he danced so cool. i wanna watching his dance all time *_* Junno *_*
why you so handsome? T_T
why you don't staying near me? T_T

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
oh my diary. i back... (a bit lol)
i'm backing in Yekaterinburg.
in comfortable bed lol

my journey in Moscow was end (yeah, i can call it journey!!!)
i met so much amazing people. and i'm happy right now!
i met in real Jokie and Shinya. they was so interesting people in real. we walked around a half Moscow lol (i felt a little pain in my legs lol)
they showed to me Moscow....and great cafe with tasty food *_* (japanese udon and korean kimchi was sooooooooo yammy!)
we talked about our interests in music...and it was amazing too.
plus...they are so beauty! really!

and...in hostel i lived with so much differently people. three was actrees (one of them finished college, two - go to the University).they ws beauty and clever too *_* and... with Angelina and Ksyusha i spended so much time. We walked on nightly Red square and singed a song lol
we drank tea and coffe in night!
and in hostel was one military girl lol and realtor!!!
and i met a boy who studing on the pilot! Great, ne?

in 5th of July i wrote an exam Noryoku Shiken. Second time. I hope, i pass on them!
after we with Liza came on the Shuza's home in Krasnogorsk! A, it was so adorable!!! we sitted in the garden, drank tea and listenned Liza's music on the guitar!!!! lately we saw amazing sunset *_* beauty nature *_*

in the 6th of July we came on the cinema on "Puzzle"...so pretty cartoon...but we with Liza (like philosophers) a bit crying lol (aaaa, forgot to say...and we met new poeple...but i forgot her name T_T)
althoug this cartoon for children....and it's nice *_*

after we came on the Panda Park...pain in my stomach spoilrd a half of day....but i passed one way!!! i wanna more!!!
and in evening we with Liza sitted in the train.
we riding with one interesting man...and talked so much on so much difference theme!
on next day Liza found guitar and started to play and sing. The boy and the girl joined to us (boy's guitar)
and biy and Liza singing and played on the guitar...and after we talked too ^_^

MY TOTAL: it was amazing holidays with great meetings and storms of emotions!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Aw diary.....20 without posts in you.... I'm so lazy..didn't write.
Although...i have so much news.
I try write some of them...
Let's start.

I came on festival of japanese cinema. All three days. And all days with other pair lol
In first - Inna
In second - Maka
In third - Dima....
And with Dima we came for a walk...and have so much fun. I called him "a child". And he thied to kill me lol
But he is so child ahahahaha

I celebrated Maka's birthday in half of June (sorry, i don't remember a date)
We came into bar Killfish... Oh, theirvplaylist was wonderful *-* nirvana, rhcp, slipknot etc...
We drink alcohol a bit...and came on ours homes.
I met new people - Polina! So pretty girl!

Oh....i finished the second course...but with one bad mark (3).. I must try to studing better. Because i know, i can do it.

I almost didn't watch something with KAT-TUN.....because i hdn't time. But i watched Tame Tabi...aaaw..sleppy Junno was so pretty and nice. i hadn't good word for my emotion ahaha stil wanna to hug him so much. My Junno, please, hug me T-T

and now i'm in Moscow. I try to passing on grant. And again fool. Maybe, i will a looser all time? It makes me so sad. But i musn't show it. Because i Moscow i saw so much interesting place, building, people, museum..and just...i stayed in Moscow 3 days.....and emotion was so much...and it's good emotions!
I met a new friend - Shusa! She is really interesting people! And she is a pretty girl!

P.s. aw, forgot to say. 20.06 i came on the concert of japanese post-punk group December. We talked with them, gave them a present and took a photo! Oh, thei music in real was so unreal! Guys gave to us a big drive! It was really cool!

And on next day was night of j-rock. We wached much concert and danced on that. I jumped more all on that...and on next day i felt so much pain on m body lol
But i listened great music all night! It was great! I want to return it!

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
pause was so long tme lol

how i spend my time...
31 of may i came on Alyona's birthday^_^ with Eldar lol
but it was so funny. and so tasty XD i checked Nikita's food :D

after i came in Ekaterrinburg XD

(hot water is disapiared in our hostel T_T)

last week was scoring week.
i did all :D
good results (but i can better. just..i wasso lazy on studing)

now session. oh...I MUST BE ALIVE!
because....Students-2016 and Noryoku :D

in weekend i met Lena :D
we talked about life and Johnnys again :D mixed :D
how i like that ^_^

taday i watched Tame Tabi...how KAT-TUN woke up :D so poor guys :D terrible awakening
although sleepy Junno *_* OH MY GOD! HE IS SO PRETTY! JUST WANNA HOLD HIM....ALL TIME *_*

and today i came on Festival of japanese cinema.
first was film about gils, which engage in kendo. and here i saw one pretty actor :D i saw him before :D in Gokusen 3 ^_^

p.s. on dance....first...i teach some motion with new guy :D like old :D

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
and a bit oddities of this day....
i weared t-shirts, shorts, keds, sunglasses, accessories....all people looked on my legs >.<

one man took a photo with me...and gave his contact number for photosession...
one girl looked on my legs and...didn't blink o_O

it's so strange for me

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i promised to write about "dorama's night".
our j-rock club did this action.

so many poeple came on tthis! (27 people)
it was a lot for small room!

everybody brought some for theirself (cushions, plaid etc.) and SO MUCH FOOD!!!!!!

at the first, Inna did a quiz, who watched dorama more than everybody on this action...
It wasn't a surprise!

we watched "Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo", scaring with Yamapi :D Liar Game (the last game), scaring with Aoyame Goriki and Love Shuffle^^
all was so interesting!

(i hope, that once i will finishing to watch Love Shuffle^^)

and in morning i came into hostel...and went sleep XD

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
laziness Tasha >.<

i must write here! must write here!


some days ago i watched new concert of KAT-TUN. "Come here"

SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




week ago i danced on Vasilisa's concert in school. it was a bit confuced :D
but...so funny^^

*in next post i will write about "dorama's night"*

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday i met Kristina after lessons. I didn't see her a long time. I missed about her.
And we eat at cafe and talk about all things.
I hope that her problems will decide!!! (so hard situation)

In evening i came to Katya with Liza.
Strange feeling. Sometimes i fell down in my world. I didn't know why i happened... Or knew..

And now i'm on lesson. But i don't understand all, what i hear...

P.s. I must improove my English! I must write exam exellent! :0

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Oh yeah! I don't know what happened with my diary-app. >_<
So nervous

Okay...i start to writing

8 may
I hate that my plan is break >_<
But all day i broke all my plan. Damn. But we with Lena met to each other... And it made my feeling better.
In evening again repetition before concert.

9 may.
Celebrate. Rainy.
And we we with Lena came to UrFU in 12:00. Although concert was 19:00!!!!! We really went crazy :(
But in "Vilka-Lojka" was so much fun. Now Maksim stayed at our group!!!! With young^_^
On concert was our debut with new dance^_^ we did all syncronize c: good job.
And in night i came...to Eldar lol
It looks like a normal ahahah
We watched Supernatural and drank vine^_^

10 may
Morning was so lazy in pleasure bed (it's right? Construction)
Then i came to j-rock club. We listening B'z and Kiyoshiro Iwamano! Oooh, B'z is amazing!!! Their music like my old music wich i listened so long time ago. Nostalgy... I feel better^_^

11 may
On p.a. we ran. 400 m. I ran on 1.25. So early! O.o for me lol
In evening was dance. I couldn't do motion in rock-n-roll style... Only like our dance "apple" :D

12 may
I didn't remember some interesting. Sorry

13 may.
So much lesson....but i didn't tired o.o againg? How i did that???
But on dance....SO HARD TREENING!!!! but it was great!
Although before dance...Anya touched my a...(i hope that you understand). I was in big shock!!!! :000

14 may.
I'm a criminal ahaha
I didn't go to p.a.
I went to had a good time. And i had this^_^
Soon on japanese wasn't hard. But i made mistakes again! Why, Tasha? What happened with you? Because now you aren't you>_<

Then in evening we with Lena....didn't go on dance lol.
We set in my hostel and talked with spanish guy. He was so strange and fun xD
He want to walk with us ahaha

P.s. I saw many photos with a half-naked Junno*-* nosebleed*-* Junno makes me crazy! Why you so handsome? :0
So beauty! And pretty smile on his face!

P.p.s i writing a course work^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
i hadn't power every day...
but now i will writing all (i try to do it)

in wednesday i was allive lol after all lesson ahahahah
my traditional phrase lol

then i came on dance..
and in night i went to Eldar's home.
we watched Supernatural again ^_^

in thursday
was so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weather, what happened with you?
but it was pleasure forr me ^_^
and... again went to Eldar ahahaha
again watched Supernatural.
i think, that i may watch all series XD

in friday...i started to write course work!!!!!!!!!! YAY! GOOD JOB!!!!!
but before we with Ksyusha cleaned all our room lol

and in evening i came to Katya!!!! we didn't see to each other so long time!!!! i miss about her!
later Lisa joined to us XD
and we had so much fun whn Liza played on the piano!!!
just we danced XD

soon in morning i came on K-STAR Festival.
su much korean music.
ALTHOUGH i saw many good cover dance band! and listened some good songs!
but when we with Lena did a hairstyle to Eldar...we was ready to kill him! >.<

and in night we went to the club on after party.
aaaaah...i had a strange wish :D
and i danced so much...with korean music ahahah
all night

in morning i came to my home in Kamensk...
went to grandma and grandpa...
and in home i went sleep....MY LOVELY BED IN HOME *_*

then i went for a walk with my frieds! so amazing! and so much fun!

but in monday i backed to the Yekaterinburg...because treening T_T

in tuesday i was on concert. we danced again XD
so many mistakes again ahahahah

and today was 5 lesson....but i didn't feel myself tired o_O
strange or not?

p.s.i watched next Tame taabi....oh my Junno *_* again so amazing....and operator knew good foreshortening ^_^
Junno's legs *_*
wet Junno *_*
Kawaii Junno *_*
and Nakamaru's sream aahhahaha

p.p.s i talked with amazing boy ^_^

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I believe myself and my best friends and you!
Yesterday on japanese we with Kadoi-sensei talked about the weather....oh...in morning was all! (sun, snow, rain, wind, clouds)
She was in big shock! Although...me too XD

Liza came only on p.a.
And we went on walk...and ran about 2 km. So hard.

Then i didn't go to the latin. But i wanna to say this to teacher... He didn't come!
HOW IT POSSIPLE? i was waiting for him T.T

Soon i came in hostel...and watched all Tame tabi. Junno was so loud hahaha but so pretty, when he was scared*-*
My Junno...

On dance was a lot of people. SO SO MUCH...
It wasn't comfortable...

In night i watched different music video. Funny, scary, beauty, stupid. Many clips c:

Today...on English Denis helped me with presentation. I know that my English is terrible...i'm so sorry. Denis corrected my mistekes! Thanks to him!

Later i met Lena and we went to the shops. I choosed (forgot this word in right form) good clothes...but i hadn't money. It made me so sad T.T

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